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DOI: 10.33622/0869-7019
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UDC 691.418

Operation of Bracing System in the Roof of Industrial Building with Steel Frame

Olga A. TUSNINA, e-mail:

Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (National Research University), Yaroslavskoe shosse, 26, Moscow 129337, Russian Federation

Abstract. Features of work of bracings in a covering of an industrial building with steel framework are considered. Horizontal bracings are designed to ensure the overall stability of the roof trusses, their unfastening from the plane of the frame, as well as for the perception of horizontal loads acting on the frame. At the traditional approach, depending on the type of bracing grid , they are designed as a compressed-stretched (triangular lattice), or as working only on the tension, in this case, the loss of stability of one of the bracing element (cross lattice) is allowed. This is a classic approach, which was used when calculating the structure considered flat frames, and the connections were designed for the action of horizontal loads (wind, crane). At present, with the development of computing software, it became possible to perform the calculation of the entire spatial framework of the building, making it possible to take into account the inclusion of the braces in the spatial work under the action of all types of loads. The results of analysis of the spatial framework of an existing industrial building are presented in the article. It is established that horizontal braces are included in the work also when vertical loads (dead load, snow, etc.) acting on the roof, as a result of which, even with a cross lattice, all braces can be compressed at the same time and lose stability, it is inadmissible and requires the implementation of the strengthening of the bracing system. Analysis of the possibility of taking into account the inclusion in spatial work of roof steel shields welded to the upper belt of trusses which to a certain extent unload horizontal braces is presented in the paper.

Key words: steel frame, industrial building, horizontal bracings, bearing capacity, finite element analysis, roof steel shield.