11 2001

November 2001

Maximov Ju. N. TSNIIP gradostroitelstva - 70-year jubilee
Davidenko P. N. Trends in scientific and creative activities of the institute
Vladimirov V. V., Vilner M. Ya. Planning arrangement of regional areas: basic stages
Neustroyev K. F. Regional settlement system at contemporary stage
Maloyan G. A. Town planning regulation: planning aspects
Kogan L. B. Social and cultural problems of urban development
Chistyakova S. B. The tasks and technologies of town planning and ecological design processes
Gertsberg L. Ya. The problems of town planning economy
Vilner M. Ya. Information provision for town planning regulation
Lazareva I. V. Engineering basis of town planning
Krasnoshchyokova N. S. Nature protection in town planning designs
Regame S. K. Town planning aspects of historical and cultural monument protection when reconstructing historical town centres
Davidenko P. N., Tovmasyan E. O. Solving the town planning problems of Saratov
Moldavskaya L. U. The experience and the problems of master plan development in Vologda
Yaffe E. M. The planning and housing development in Yaroslavl
Nizovaya I. G. General layout design and realisation in the town of Balakovo
Milovanov A. F., Solomonov V. V., Kusnetsova I. S. Fire on Ostankino TV tower
Shiltsyna A. D., Selivanov V. M. Building materials obtained from power plant wastes
Belyansky A. B. The development of small-capacity power plants - the way of survival
Gambarov G. A., Kazemi Tabai M. The reconstruction of Moscow industrial projects and transforming them into business and cultural international centres