6 2001

June 2001

Larionov V. V., Kalashnikov G. V., Timofeevich A. V. The contest of the best designs by the institute organized to mark 120-th foundation jubilee of TSNIIproektstalkonstruktsia named after N.P. Melnikov
Morozov E. P. On harmonic aspects of construction
Morozov E. P. Module-similar systems and their numerical series
Khanukhov Kh. M., Voronetsky A. E., Svetinsky E. V., Shulyatyev O. A. Industrial construction with application of rapidly erected screw piles
Kudishin V. I. Combined systems used to repair and strengthen metal structures in case of building and facilities reconstruction
Goritsky V. M., Goritsky O. V. The analysis of the reasons which brought to crack formation in the welds of the main girders in metal structures of inclined drive ramp
Khanukhov Kh. M., Voronetsky A. E., Dorofeev E. Ju., Goritsky V. M., Shneiderov G. R., Osokin L. I. Methodological basis and practical aspects of technical diagnosticising and determining the residual service life of ball-type tanks and gas-holders
Sotskov N. I. Diffusion pressing provided for hot-galvanized pipes - one of the ways to increase their corrosion resistance in hot tap water
Artjukhov V. N., Shcherbakov E. A., Goritsky V. M., Shneiderov G. R. The condition of crane girder structures of converter shops at OAO «Severostal», which have exhausted their normative operation life period
Lachinov M. M. International Institute of building engineers - 5 years at russian market
Lukmanova I. G., Grabovyj P. G., Kulakov Ju. N. Some problems of increasing the efficiency of housing branch management
Shirshikov B. F. Organization of construction work execution under specific conditions
Karasev A. Ya. The changes in the activities of state expert bodies