4 2001

April 2001

Interview of E. Zaikin, the head of the Department for formation of architectural image, coordination of construction and reconstruction of the city
Oleinick P. P. TSNIIOMTP is the history of building science development
Kievsky L. V. Normative and methodical provision for building production arrangement
Argunov S. V. Informational and cartographic system for engineering infrastructure development control
Yevdokimov N. I., Lunin Ju. I., Goloshchapov B. F. Cast-in-situ housing (a bit of history)
Belevich V. B., Gorelov Ju. A. Service maintenance of roofs extends their life
Zhadanovsky B. V. Surface-active agents in liquids which cool diamond tools
Alekseev V. A., Gutarev Ju. A., Zelenov I. B., Koloskov V. N., Kostrov V. I. Safe methods of tower crane operation
Menzurenko A. S. Organizational and technological aspects of developing a system of machinery for a complex mechanization of construction and erection work
Loukhelainen E., Tjurenkova N. A. Single- and double mast lifting mechanisms in construction
Sidenko D. A., Koloskov V. N., Korytov Ju. A. Erection and repair of roofs making use of infra-ray method for roofing material deposition by melting
Lukmanova I. G. The conceptual model of quality control system at building branch enterprises
Balyberdin A. S. Pre-licence certification of the managerial staff and experts
Abzhalimov R. Sh. Construction of 9-storey house on filled soil in case of deep seasonal soil congelation
Demyanova V. S. The influence of cement type on the formation of daily strength of high-strength concrete
Kolobov A. V., Yarymov Ju. A. Organisational and technological provision for construction of Moscow projects
Brovtsyn A. K. The development of high-strength and reliable concretes in construction
Gukasyan S. Zh. Use of organic bentonite in polymeric building materials
Boltryk M., Orlovski Z. Basic principles of expert evaluation of the system for designing reinforced concrete products
Massayev K. V. Construction news from Germany
Zhuravlyov A. M. An outstanding architect and public figure