2 2001

February 2001

Baulin V. V., Golubev V. N., Pavlova O. P., Timashev P. I. The problems of engineering protection of russian towns against dangerous natural and natural-technogenic processes
Granev V. V. 40 years of successful activities in construction complex
Khromets Ju. N. Industrial buildings designed of light-weight structures
Bulgakov S. N. Philosophy, concepts and principles of designing up-to-date production buildings
Glikin S. M. Development of structures for buildings and facilities in OAO «TSNIIpromzdany»
Leikina D. K. Disigning the projects of mass construction in OAO «TSNIIpromzdany»
Yakovlev A. A. The problem of preserving and up-to-date use of industrial architectural monuments (in Nizhny Novgorod)
Kologrivova L. B., Antonov A. V., Kacharava P. V. Reconstruction of industrial enterprises
Valkin B. L., Rabinovich F. N. Composite materials as a means of architectural expressiveness
Kodysh E. N., Mamin A. N., Vlasov V. Ju. Improving the designs of multi-storey buildings by the method of concentrated deformations
Butlitsky A. E., Shtrikh N. Ya. Standards of enterprises for operation of production buildings
Glikin S. M., Khusnimardanova A. G. Perspective use of foamed phenol in wall structures
Shilkrot E. O., Naumov A. L., Naumov A. A. The model of air and heat conditions of industrial buildings
Petrenko E. V. The role of OAO «TSNIIpromzdany» in the development of underground space
Boltryk M., Gusev B. V. Physical fundamentals of vibration technology used for silicate paste compaction
Lukmanova I. G. Basic principles of methodical approach to the development of quality control system
Bersenev N. P. Evaluating the efficiency of new technology in investment project