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DOI: 10.33622/0869-7019
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  • Structural Solutions For Protecting One-Story Frame Buildings From Progressive Collapse
  • UDC 699.883 DOI: 10.33622/0869-7019.2021.03.17-22
    Nikolay G. KELASYEV1, e-mail:, Nikolay N. TREKIN1, e-mail:
    Emil N. KODYSH1, e-mail:, Eugene V. LEONT'YEV2, e-mail:
    Ivan A. TEREKHOV1, e-mail:, Sergey D. SHMAKOV1, e-mail:
    1 Central Scientific Research Institute for Industrial Buildings and Structure - TSNIIPROMZDANII, Dmitrovskoe shosse, 46, korp. 2, Moscow 127238, Russian Federation
    2 Glavgosexpertiza Russia, ul. Bolshaya Yakimanka, 42, str. 1-2, Moscow 119049, Russian Federation
    Abstract. The article deals with the protection of one-story industrial and public frame buildings from progressive collapse. Promising design solutions based on the principle of including them into operation only when there are beyond design-basis vertical displacements of the building's supporting structures are presented for discussion. The use of these design solutions makes it possible to effectively solve the problem of protection against progressive collapse when removing the extreme corner columns of one-story frame buildings, which was difficult when applying the design solutions recommended in the norms. These solutions are especially relevant when reconstructing buildings in use that were designed and built before the introduction of requirements for protection against progressive collapse. They are safety and are included in the work only in a critical situation, which makes it possible to meet the requirements of regulatory documents at relatively low cost. Proposals for amendments to the existing codes of practice are presented. Further developments will make it possible to overcome the difficulties in designing protection against progressive collapse of single-story frame buildings, including those made of precast reinforced concrete structures.
    Key words: one-storey frame buildings, progressive collapse, protection of buildings, structural solutions, safety structure.
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  • For citation: Kelasyev N. G., Trekin N. N., Kodysh E. N., Leont'yev E. V., Terekhov I. A., Shmakov S. D. Structural Solutions for Protecting One-Story Frame Buildings from Progressive Collapse. Promyshlennoe i grazhdanskoe stroitel'stvo [Industrial and Civil Engineering], 2021, no. 3, pp. 17-22. (In Russian). DOI: 10.33622/0869-7019.2021.03.17-22.