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DOI: 10.33622/0869-7019
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  • Comparison Of Methods For Strengthening Large-Span Bent Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • UDC 624.012.46:691-427.4 DOI: 10.33622/0869-7019.2020.12.76-81
    Artem A. DAVIDYUK, e-mail:
    Ewgeniy A. ARTEMIEV, e-mail:
    Marina V. SHEVKUNOVA, e-mail:
    Design and Technological Bureau of Concrete and Reinforced Concrete, 2-ya Institutskaya ul., 6, str. 64, Moscow 109428, Russian Federation
    Abstract. The issues of strengthening reinforced concrete structures that are in disrepair are among the most complex and science-intensive. The article is devoted to improving the method for designing reinforcement of large-span reinforced concrete structures using pre-stressed ropes. The authors propose an original method for calculating the justification of this method of reinforcement by performing strength calculations of structures in a nonlinear formulation in a computational software package. The results of a comparative analysis of methods for strengthening large-span bent reinforced concrete structures on the example of a monolithic lattice beam are presented. Two methods of reinforcement were compared: by re-bracing the beam on a cage made of rolled steel corners and strengthening the beam with straight and curved pre-stressed ropes. After comparing the weight and cost evaluation criteria, the authors concluded that strengthening the beam with pre-stressed ropes is more effective, and this option was accepted for implementation. It can also be recommended for similar works.
    Key words: large-span reinforced concrete structures, emergency condition, lattice beams, reinforcement, pre-stressed rope.
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  • For citation: Davidyuk A. A., Artemiev E. A., Shevkunova M. V. Comparison of Methods for Strengthening Large-Span Bent Reinforced Concrete Structures. Promyshlennoe i grazhdanskoe stroitel'stvo [Industrial and Civil Engineering], 2020, no. 12, pp. 76-81. (In Russian). DOI: 10.33622/0869-7019.2020.12.76-81.