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  • Urban Development Planning is the Foundation of Sustainable Development Budget of the Administrative-Territorial Formations
  • UDC 711:330.3
    Sergei D. MITIAGIN, e-mail:
    CNIIP Minstroya Rossii, prospekt Vernadskogo, 29, Moscow 119331, Russian Federation
    Pavel P. SPIRIN, e-mail:
    Research Institute of Perspective Urban Development, nab. Chernoy rechki, 41, korp. 2, St. Petersburg 197342, Russian Federation
    Abstract. Both natural and artificially created spatial resources are used in the labor's results of any subject of economical relations. There are subsoil and terrestrial resources, natural resource resources, water resources and air resources, engineering resources and facilities, as well as interiors of buildings and all exterior open spaces of urbanized and non-urbanized areas. The connection of spatial cells occupied by different types of economic and intellectual activity with their economic results, and accordingly with the amount of budget revenues in the simplest form can be established depending on the parameters of land allocated in urban planning documentation for these activities. On this basis, one can find a simple solution to the problem of ensuring the necessary and sufficient budgetary saturation of administrative-territorial formations. It can be based on cadastral value, mapping and accounting of land plots, land tax rates and lease payments. Urban planning mechanisms of spatial organization of society in the form of functional and urban zoning, types of permitted use of lands can play a key role in creating conditions of sustainable socio-economic development of the entire hierarchy of administrative-territorial formations.
    Key words: urban development zoning, types of economic activity, payment for spatial resources, budgets of sustainable development.
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  • For citation: Mitiagin S. D., Spirin P. P. Urban Development Planning is the Foundation of Sustainable Development Budget of the Administrative-Territorial Formations. Promyshlennoe i grazhdanskoe stroitel'stvo [Industrial and Civil Engineering], 2019, no. 1, pp. 16-21. (In Russian).