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DOI: 10.33622/0869-7019
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  • Research in Influence of Wall Thinness of Round Section Pipes on Stability under Central and Eccentric Compression
  • UDC 624.075.2
    Denis V. KONIN, e-mail:
    Alexander R. OLUROMBI, e-mail:
    JSC Research Center of Construction, Research Institute of Building Constructions (TSNIISK) named after V. A. Koucherenko, 2-ya Institutskaya ul., 6, Moscow 109428, Russian Federation
    Abstract. The article deals with the operation of steel compressed-bent tubes of low flexibility. The influence of the thinness of the pipe (the ratio of diameter to wall thickness) on its stability is investigated. Round tubes with different flexibility, thinness and eccentricity of the application of longitudinal compressive force were taken as an object of the study. A simplified analytical method for calculating pipes for stability based on a rod model is presented. The calculation in this way was performed using the mathematical program Maple. The calculation results are compared with the finite element calculation in the Ansys software package and the normative calculation according to the current set of rules. Comparison of the obtained results helps to determine the influence of local stability of the wall when calculating the longitudinal bending and to establish a conditional boundary of the applicability of the rod model for solving similar problems, namely, that the rod model is not suitable for determining the bearing capacity under the off-center compression of pipes with a wall thinness of more than 45-50.
    Key words: steel pipe, calculation for stability under central and off-center compression, rod model, critical force.
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  • For citation: Konin D. V., Olurombi A. R. Research in Influence of Wall Thinness of Round Section Pipes on Stability under Central and Eccentric Compression. Promyshlennoe i grazhdanskoe stroitel'stvo [Industrial and Civil Engineering], 2018, no. 12, pp. 42-48 (In Russian).