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DOI: 10.33622/0869-7019
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  • Study of Operation of Translucent Faade Structures under the Action of Dynamic Loads Simulating Seismic Impacts
  • UDC 624.012.6:699.841
    Arkady V. GRANOVSKY, e-mail:
    Bulat K. DZHAMUEV, e-mail:
    Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (National Research University), Yaroslavskoye shosse, 26, Moscow 129337, Russian Federation
    Sergey F. VOROSHILOV, e-mail:
    Liliya N. VOSTRIKOVA, e-mail:
    Casting-Extrusion Plant "Segal" ("LPZ "SEGAL"), Pogranichnikov ul., 103, bld.4, Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation
    Abstract. Results of the experimental studies for assessment of seismic resistance of hinged facade translucent SIAL systems are presented. The tests were conducted at a special stand installed on the two-component vibro-platform of pendulum type, which was developed by prof. A. M. Kurzanov. In the course of dynamic tests, vertical elements of glass fences and horizontal in the form of skylights were used. The description of the elements of fencing and materials of glass units, used for vertical hinged witrages and skylights are given. During the tests, 33 modes of dynamic loading of the system were performed, in the process of which the amplitude-frequency characteristics of dynamic effects in the range from 1.5 to 10 Hz with vibration amplitude of the vibration platform in the horizontal direction of 68.4 mm and in the vertical direction - 12.8 mm were varied. Accelerations of the vibration platform at the given amplitude-frequency characteristics varied in the horizontal direction from 0.2 to 4.9 m/s2 and in the vertical direction from 0.1 to 1.9 m/s2. The analysis of the results of experimental studies was performed, and the necessity of development of special normative documents on the basis of using the potential of scientific and educational centers of Russia is shown
    Key words: hinged facade translucent structures, dynamic tests, vibro-platform, seismic parameters of force actions.
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  • For citation: Granovsky A. V., Dzhamuev B. K., Voroshilov S. F., Vostrikova L. N. Study of Operation of Translucent Facade Structures under the Action of Dynamic Loads Simulating Seismic Impacts. Promyshlennoe i grazhdanskoe stroitel'stvo [Industrial and Civil Engineering], 2018, no. 12, pp. 32-37. (In Russian).