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  • Investigation of the Stress-Strain State of Trapezoidal Wood-Based Panel Structures
  • UDC 694:624.011.1:69.05:69.032.4
    Dmitry A. UKRAINCHENKO, e-mail:
    Ilya I. YARICHEVSKY, e-mail:
    Victoria V. CHARIKOVA, e-mail:
    Sergey V. LISOV, e-mail:
    Orenburg State University, prosp. Pobedy, 13, 460018 Orenburg, Russian Federation
    Abstract. In modern wooden low-rise construction objects are often built of different types of planar and linear elements, which leads to increased consumption of material and energy resources. In this regard application of the unified combined wood-based constructions in order to optimize financial and labor costs is an actual task. It is possible to significantly increase the efficiency of using combined plates and panels on a wooden frame when using them in buildings and structures that have a circular shape in plan. Taking into account all the advantages, one-, two-storey buildings with round and polygonal plans have been developed; trapezoidal panels on a wooden frame with waterproof plywood casing included in the overall construction of the structure have been used to overlap and cover them. The analysis of the normative and technical literature revealed that the existing methods of calculation and the conducted studies do not give an answer to the question about the degree of participation in the overall work of the plywood paneling of trapezoidal panels. Numerical studies and static tests were carried out in order to study the actual work of trapezoidal panels with plywood lining with transverse bending. The studies made it possible to establish that plywood siding is included in the overall work of the slab. The degree of uneven distribution of normal stresses across the width of the plywood skin depends on the location of the section under consideration along the length of the plate. Calculation of trapezoidal panels with plywood lining is recommended to be performed using software systems. Engineering calculation can be performed by the method of the reduced section, taking into account the obtained values of the coefficients of reduction.
    Key words: trapezoidal panel, wood, plywood sheathing, transverse bending, numerical studies, stresses, elastic characteristics, reduction coefficient.
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  • For citation: Ukrainchenko D. A., Yarichevsky I. I., Charikova V. V., Lisov S. V. Investigation of the Stress-Strain State of Trapezoidal Wood-Based Panel Structures. Promyshlennoe i grazhdanskoe stroitel'stvo [Industrial and Civil Engineering], 2018, no. 11, pp. 22-27. (In Russian).