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DOI: 10.33622/0869-7019
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  • Timber Trusses with Node Connections on Steel Plates Pasted-In
  • UDC 624.011.1:624.014.2
    Ivan I. LISITSKY, e-mail:
    Viktor I. ZHADANOV, e-mail:
    Igor V. RUDNEV, e-mail:
    Orenburg State University, prospekt Pobedy, 13, Orenburg 460018, Russian Federation
    Abstract. The increase in volumes of wooden housing construction, including the construction of buildings with a span of more than nine meters, makes it necessiary to improve the technical and economic efficiency of timber designs. It is obvious that one of the ways to achieve this purpose is the improvement of parameters of rafter systems of buildings, in particular, trusses as the most effective through rafter construction. Issues of improvement of timber trusses knots in which the pasted-in plates made of steel are used as connection elements are considered in the paper. The results of numerical studies of the reference knot of a triangular timber trusses on the model of the connection created in the program complex ANSYS are presented. The data of numerical studies are confirmed by the results of the experiment. Features of work of the steel connecting plates pasted-in the wood in the knot are revealed. It is shown that the adopted constructive decision of knots belongs to connections of timber designs of rigid type which provides the necessary and sufficient bearing capacity of trusses. The analysis of the results obtained made it possible to reveal the directions of further improvement of timber trusses knots with the steel pasted-in flat connections.
    Key words: timber trusses, knots, steel pasted-in plates, numerical and experimental studies, stress-strain state.
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  • For citation: Lisitsky I. I., Yarichevsky I. I., Zhadanov V. I., Rudnev I. V. Timber Trusses with Node Connections on Steel Plates Pasted-in. Promyshlennoe i grazhdanskoe stroitel'stvo [Industrial and Civil Engineering], 2018, no. 11, pp. 9-14. (In Russian).