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DOI: 10.33622/0869-7019
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  • Designing of Slab Foundations for Buildings on Weak Bases in Seismic Zones Using the Eurocode Methods
  • UDC 692.1
    Amirlan A. KUSSAINOV, e-mail:
    Vitaliy A. KHOMYAKOV, e-mail:
    Valeriya V. GUMENYUK, e-mail:
    Kazakh Leading Architectural and Civil Engineering Academy, 28, Ryskulbekov street, Almaty 050043, Republic of Kazakhstan
    Abstract. The article examines the problems of erecting buildings under the complex engineering-geological conditions on the example of a multi-storey building with a three-storey underground part constructed on a weak and collapsible soil. The method of calculation of the strengthened base on the basis of application of the principles of the Eurocode is presented. Based on physical modeling with the use of special vibrating chute, laboratory research in the effectiveness of weak soil strengthening with the help of vertical reinforcing elements was conducted. Strengthening involves the arrangement in soil of special rolled-out wells filled with low-strength cement. A comparative analysis of the results of calculations of the slab foundation of a multi-storey building on a natural and reinforced base, including seismic actions in accordance with SNiP 2.03.30-2006 "Construction in seismic regions. Design regulations." and on the new regulatory framework identical to the Eurocodes, according to SN RK EN 1998-1: 2004/2012 "Design of seismic structures", was made. Calculations were performed using modern software complexes Lira SAPR and Midas.
    Key words: base, foundation, soil reinforcement, well, seismic action, response spectrum.
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  • For citation: Kussainov A. A., Khomyakov V. A., Gumenyuk V. V. Designing of Slab Foundations for Buildings on Weak Bases in Seismic Zones Using the Eurocode Methods. Promyshlennoe i grazhdanskoe stroitel'stvo [Industrial and Civil Engineering], 2018, no. 10, pp. 81-88. (In Russian).