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DOI: 10.33622/0869-7019
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  • Principles of Systematization of Norms and Rules for Calculation of Structures for Preparation of "Manual for Design of Steel Structures of Multi-Storey Buildings"
  • UDC 624.014.2:69.07
    Ivan I. VEDYAKOV, e-mail:
    Denis V. KONIN, e-mail:
    JSC Research Center of Construction, Research Institute of Building Constructions (TSNIISK) named after V. A. Koucherenko, 2-ya Institutskaya ul., 6, Moscow 109428, Russian Federation
    Abstract. The paper provides a brief overview of domestic and foreign guidelines (manuals) for the design of steel structures. The necessity of development of actual manual corresponding to modern level of development of construction science, regulatory documents and design practices is substantiated. The most rational nodes and beam cells are presented. The principles of systematization of norms and rules for the calculation of structures are given. Calculations for the first group of limit states of elements of the structure are made in strict accordance with acting norms. Tables and graphs of the Manual can be used at preliminary appointment of design scheme parameters, assessing the efficiency of designed structures, as well as when examining design and construction documentation without direct calculations.
    Key words: steel structures, design rules, systematization, typing, unification, multi-storey buildings, manual, calculation, bending, compression, column, I-beam, pipe, roll-welded tube.
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