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DOI: 10.33622/0869-7019
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  • On the Question of Interaction of the Code of Rules SP 63.13330 "SNIP 52-01-2003. Plain and Reinforced Concrete Structures. General Provisions" with Developing "Guides"
  • UDC 666.972:666.98(083.75)
    Sergey B. KRYLOV
    Andrey N. BOLGOV, e-mail:
    Sergey A. ZENIN, e-mail:
    Vyacheslav D. TERIN
    Ravil Sh. SHARIPOV, e-mail:
    JSC Research Center of Construction, NIIZHB named after A. A. Gvozdev, 2-ya Institutskaya ul., 6, korp. 5, Moscow 109428, Russian Federation
    Abstract. The emergence of new construction materials, technologies and methods of design entails the need for continuous updating of the regulatory framework of construction. Because SP 63.13330 is a document of the mandatory application, it should also contain basic provisions on new materials, structures, technologies and systems as well as methods for calculation of new structures. Guides developing the Set Code of Rules should include more detailed information on new materials, structures, systems as well as new methods for calculation of new structures which are derived from the main provisions of the SP 63.13330. The failure of this interaction leads to paradoxical situations when a mandatory regulatory document begins to contradict the developing documents, and are beginning to fall behind them. In addition, it becomes difficult for designers to navigate in the regulatory documentation, since the two normative documents are not interconnected. On the example of some provisions of SP 63.13330 "SNiP 52-01-2003. Plain and Reinforced Concrete Structures. General Provisions", imperfection of such interaction with the methodical Guide " Cast in-situ post-tensioned concrete structures with unbonded tendons. Design rules" is shown.
    Key words: reinforced concrete structures, post-tensioned structures, unbonded tendons, high-strength low relaxation seven-wire steel strands.
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  • For citation: Krylov S. B., Bolgov A. N., Zenin S. A., Terin V. D., Sharipov R. Sh. On the Question of Interaction of the Code of Rules SP 63.13330 "SNIP 52-01-2003. Plain and Reinforced Concrete Structures. General Provisions" with Developing "Guides". Promyshlennoe i grazhdanskoe stroitel'stvo [Industrial and Civil Engineering], 2018, no. 9, pp. 79-85.