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DOI: 10.33622/0869-7019
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  • Research in Bioproofness of Construction Materials Modified with Biocidal Additives
  • UDC 620.1:691.32
    Vladimir T. EROFEEV, e-mail:
    Svetlana N. BOGATOVA, e-mail:
    Andrey D. BOGATOV, e-mail:
    Ogarev Mordovia State University (National Research University), Bolshevistskaya ul., 68, Saransk, 430005, Russian Federation
    Abstract. Under the current conditions, more and more strict requirements are imposed on the durability and reliability of buildings. In accordance with this, special attention is paid to materials and structures subjected to the danger of biological degradation. It is obvious that the research in biological stability of materials and their right choice depending on specific conditions of operation, reduce the biological impact on structures and products that, in turn, ensures more reliable and stable operation of buildings and constructions. Results of the study of properties of the cement and plaster composites modified with biocidal additives are presented in this article. It is experimentally established that "Stop Mould" and "Ultrasept" additives exert positive impact on properties of the studied structures. It is shown that the use of biocidal additives makes it possible to improve operational properties of materials and designs on the basis of construction plaster and the Portland cement under the conditions of impact of agressive environment without using additional measures of protection.
    Key words: cement, gypsum, microorganisms, biological resistance, agressive environment, aging.
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