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  • 3D-printing with Concrete - Recent Advances at the TU Dresden
  • UDC 691.32:666.97
    Viktor S. MECHTCHERINE, Doctor of Technikal Scienes; Professor, e-mail:
    Institute of Construction Materials, Technische Universitt Dresden, 01062 Dresden, Germany
    Abstract. The processing of cementitious materials is the technological core of the modern construction. In the recent years new construction techniques such as 3D concrete printing have been developed opening plethora of opportunities and technological advancements such as no need of formwork (considerable time and cost reductions), high geometrical flexibility and low dependency on skilled labor. However, the main significance and revolutionary potential of 3D concrete printing is seen in the context of Construction Industry 4.0 since it offers a logical and highly desired step from the already well developed tool of digital design and planning (CAD, BIM, etc.) towards the digital manufacturing, thus making construction a fully digitalized seamless process. This article provides a short overview of the recent research activities at the TU Dresden in the field of 3D-printing in concrete construction.
    Key words: 3D-printing, concrete, digital construction, steel reinforcement, fibre reinforcement, SHCC.
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  • For citation: Mechtcherine V. S. 3D-printing with Concrete - Recent Advances at the TU Dresden. Promyshlennoe i grazhdanskoe stroitel'stvo [Industrial and Civil Engineering], 2018, no. 8, pp. 40-47. (In English).