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DOI: 10.33622/0869-7019
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  • Hidden Metal Capitals with Horizontal Sheet Reinforcement
  • UDC 69.07:691.714
    Nikolay N. TREKIN, e-mail:
    Central Scientific Research and Project Experimental Institute of Industrial Buildings and Constructions, Dmitrovskoe shosse, 46, korp. 2, Moscow 127238, Russian Federation
    Dmitrii A. PEKIN, e-mail:
    INV-STROY, 3-y Pavlovskiy per., 12, Moscow 113093, Russian Federation
    Abstract. The use of traditional reinforced concrete capitals in beamless floors in some cases may contradict the existing space-planning solutions, for example, when reconstructing industrial buildings for shopping center with limitation of the construction heights of the floors or may increase the consumption of material overall due to the total height of the building. Known structural solutions with rigid reinforcement in the support zones in the form of channels or I-beams do not make it possible to increase the flexural rigidity of the cross sections, as well as are not specified by regulations. A hidden metal capital with vertical and horizontal sheet reinforcement is an alternative structural solution. Vertical steel sheets have pre-cut holes for installing the reinforcement that do not require fixing by welding. Vertical steel sheets in the direction of large spans are made with a protrusion relative to the top of the floor to ensure connection with horizontal steel sheets by welding after completion of concrete work. Thus, the geometrical characteristics of the cross sections in the main direction are significantly increased as well as the bearing capacity when bending and punching. The article presents the calculation procedure of support zones of reinforced concrete beamless floors strengthened with hidden metal capitals with horizontal sheet reinforcement. The effectiveness of the use of hidden metal capitals with horizontal sheet reinforcement in monolithic reinforced concrete beamless floors is shown on the example of the warehouse building.
    Key words: multi-storey building, beamless floor, hidden metal capital, support area, sheet reinforcement.
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