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DOI: 10.33622/0869-7019
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  • Development of Normative Documentation in the Field of Operation of Buildings and Structures
  • UDC 69.05(083.75)
    Aleksandr N. MAMIN, e-mail:
    Emil N. KODYSH, e-mail:
    Vladimir V. BOBROV, e-mail:
    Central Scientific Research and Project Experimental Institute of Industrial Buildings and Constructions, Dmitrovskoe shosse, 46, korp. 2, Moscow 127238, Russian Federation
    Abstract. At present, the issues of operation of building structures, engineering and technical support systems, objects of capital construction of various functional purposes as well objects in seismic dangerous areas are considered in the field of regulation because until recently, the rules of operation did not exist. The relevance of the development of the normative base in the field of operation of capital construction objects is substantiated, the review of works on updating the codes of rules performed by the specialists of JSC "TSNIIPromzdany" in 2015-2017 is presented. In necessary cases, the preparation of codes of practice is preceded by scientific research in order to obtain sufficient theoretical and reliable practical data for their accounting when determining the normalized parameters and clarifying the requirements for the operation of buildings and structures in the preparation of regulatory, instructional, technical and organizational and methodological documents. The application of codes of rules for the operation of buildings (structures) and systems of engineering and technical support will help to reduce operating costs and repair costs while ensuring the required safety of capital construction projects of various functional purposes.
    Key words: operation of buildings and structures, regulatory documentation, systems of engineering and technical support, capital construction objects, safety, durability, monitoring, repair.
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