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DOI: 10.33622/0869-7019
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  • Condition and Prospects of Low-Rise Wooden Housing Construction
  • UDC 694:624.011.1:69.05:69.032.4
    Dmitry A. UKRAINCHENKO, e-mail:
    Viñtor I. ZHADANOV, e-mail:
    Elena V. LIKHNENKO, e-mail:
    Orenburg State University, prospect Pobedy, 13, Orenburg 460018, Russian Federation
    Igor P. PINAIKIN, e-mail:
    Irkutsk National Research Technical University, ul. Lermontova, 83, Irkutsk 664074, Russian Federation
    Abstract. At present, Russia is in dire need for a large-scale expansion of the construction of low-rise residential buildings, both in the urban and in rural areas. Different technologies are used in low-rise construction, including the use of wood. Expediency of expansion of a choice of wood as the main construction material is caused by a number of its known advantages over other construction materials. Despite the fact that our country has huge reserves of forest resources, forests on its territory are distributed very unevenly. In order to improve the efficiency of wood consumption in the low-rise housing construction it is proposed to use the improved panel construction technology of wood and wood materials. It organically combines the advantages of frame and panel technologies, their main shortcomings are, if possible, eliminated. The proposed technology of construction of the building of timber panels makes it possible to simplify the constructive scheme, to increase its spatial stiffness and to reduce the complexity of installation. In turn, this contributes to further improvement of constructive solutions for residential houses, industrial buildings and public facilities designed on the basis of wood and wood materials, in addition, ensures the rational use of the material in the sparsely wooded regions of our country.
    Key words: low-rise buildings and structures, wooden structures, new design solutions.
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