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DOI: 10.33622/0869-7019
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  • Investigation of Processes of Compaction of a Large Bed of Water-Saturated Clayey Soils in the Base of the Main Media Centre in Sochi
  • UDC 624.138:624.131.22
    Igor V. AVERIN, e-mail:
    Ulyana A. KORABLEVA, e-mail:
    Anastasia V. KABLUKOVA, e-mail:
    Engineering Geology, ul. Yartsevskaya, 16, Moscow 121351, Russian Federation
    Abstract. The complex of methods of control within carrying out geotechnical monitoring when constructing structures on weak soil with the use of the modern geotechnical equipment is offered. The research was conducted on the territory of the Imereti Lowlands in Sochi. When constructing structures on weak water-saturated clayey soils, as a rule, various pre-construction technologies, based on accelerating the consolidation process, are used. To such technologies in the first place is the installation of vertical sand slits, sand or plastic drains, which are blocked from the surface by a thick layer of sandy preload. The filling layer provides both compaction of the consolidated thickness and horizontal drainage water drainage. Construction, as a rule, begins at the stage, when the bearing capacity of weak soils after the compaction conducted will be sufficient to perceive the loads of buildings and structures under construction. The uniqueness of the construction of the Main Media Center and the studies carried out is that due to significant lack of time associated with the beginning of the XXII Olympic Winter Games, the construction of its building was started without a pre-consolidation of weak soils, and the compaction of a powerful thickness of lagoon sediments occurred simultaneously with the stage of construction of the building.
    Key words: weak water-saturated clayey soils, geotechnical monitoring, geotechnical equipment, consolidation, pore pressure, horizontal underground deformations, inclinometer research.
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