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Contents of issue ¹ 6 (june) 2013

  • Development Dynamics of Office Real Estate Market in Moscow
  • UDC 725.23:711.551(47-25):69.003
    Leonid V. KIEVSKY
    Abstract. The influence of a town planning decision about limiting the construction of offices in the centre of Moscow on the real estate market has been established. Calculations have been made according to the data of Moscow Bureau of Technical Inventory. Assessments of the realtor companies are presented.
    Key words: real estate market, office premises, town planning policy, thematic map.
  • Assessment of Efficiency of Realization of State Program «Town Planning Policy»
  • UDC 711(47-25).001.12
    Sergey V. ARGUNOV
    Abstract. Basic propositions of the methodology and algorithms of the assessment of realization of the Moscow State Program "Town Planning Policy" are presented. An analysis of this program realization shows its material effect on other programs of the capital. Fulfilment of this program will make Moscow more comfortable for its inhabitants.
    Key words: state program, subprogram, measures, efficiency, degree of achievement of final result, integral index, degree of compliance with planned deadlines and volumes of expenditures.
  • About the Need to Develop the Market of Hiring in Moscow
  • UDC 351.778.54(47-25)
    Ilia L. KIEVSKY
    Abstract. The need to develop the market of hiring of dwelling in Moscow as one of the main ways to improve housing conditions of citizens has been established. The situation at the market of hiring and causes complicating the development of this sector are analyzed.
    Key words: market of hiring, improvement of living conditions, tenant, investor, commercial hiring.
  • Typification of Residential Areas of the Capital for Assessment of Influence of Housing Construction Programs on Its Urban Development Potential
  • UDC 711.4:711.58(1-21).001.5
    Yulia V. KOGAN
    Abstract. Basic results of the typification of residential neighbourhoods according to the criteria of accumulated urban development potential and characteristics of the real estate stock are presented. The system of criteria developed in the course of studies and the executed typification of residential areas make it possible not only to reveal problem aspects during the realization of city housing programs, but to develop measures aimed at the improvement of city environment with due regard for the dynamic of town planning development of adjacent territories.
    Key words: typification of residential areas, housing construction, town planning potential of territory, housing stock, non-residential real estate stock, criteria of assessment.
  • Realization of Program of Road-Bridge Construction in Moscow
  • UDC 625.721(47-25)
    Sergey S. RZHAVIN, Daria V. GOLYSHEVA
    Abstract. It is told about the realization of the state program of Moscow "Development of Transport System" in 2012-2016, the subprogram "Motor roads and street-road network" in particular, with the purpose to improve the road situation. The realization of this program will help to solve the problem of traffic jams.
    Key words: road-bridge construction, street and road network, transport system, address investment program of Moscow.
    1. Kievskiy L. V., Kievskiy I. L. Dorozhno-mostovoe stroitel'stvo v slozhivsheysya gorodskoy srede // Promyshlennoe i grazhdanskoe stroitel'stvo. 2009. ¹ 4. S. 3-6.
    2. Kievskiy L. V., Kievskiy I. L. Opredelenie prioritetov v razvitii transportnogo karkasa goroda // Promyshlennoe i grazhdanskoe stroitel'stvo. 2011. ¹ 10. S. 3-6.
  • Development of Monitoring System of Realization of the Moscow State Program «Town Planning Policy»
  • UDC 004.9:711.4(47-25)(094.57)
    Artur L. IGNATIEV, Zhanna A. KHORKINA, Kirill I. KOLMYKOV
    Abstract. The structure and functions of the interactive network model developed by NPTS "City Development" and introduced in the Department of town planning policy of Moscow are presented. The use of this model in the course of realization of the State Program "Town Planning Policy" makes it possible to create an information reserve, to determine general trends, to identify defects and lags. This will give the opportunity to make timely management decisions for the efficient adjustment of the implementation of the state program.
    Key words: interactive network model, information-analytic system of management of town planning activity.
  • Ñonstruction of the International Business Centre «Moscow-City» and Its Informational Support
  • UDC 725.2(47-25):69.05:004
    Ilia B. GRISHUTIN, Aleksandr V. KOSTIN
    Abstract. The history of construction and the current state of the IBC "Moscow-City" (objects commissioned and objects under construction) are presented. The overall range of tasks performed in the course of realization of the project is outlined. A general description of the visualization system of monitoring of the course of designing, construction of objects and planning of development of territories is given.
    Key words: parking, engineering services, transport infrastructure, road infrastructure, visualization system of monitoring, Business Centre "Moscow-City", photomonitoring.
  • Ranking as a Method of Assessment of Urban Development Potential of Existing Development Areas
  • UDC 711.58(47-25).001.33
    Roman R. ABYANOV
    Abstract. The assessment of urban development potential of existing development areas of Moscow is made using the method of ranking with the help of the cluster analysis. As a result the summary table in MS Excel format clearly showing the urban development potential of any area in accordance with selected priorities of town planning development has been obtained.
    Key words: urban development potential, existing development areas, ranking, cluster analysis, criteria of town planning potential assessment.
  • Influence of Town Planning Decisions on Real Estate Markets
  • UDC 728(47-25):338.5:711.432(083.75)
    Leonid V. KIEVSKY, Rimma L. KIEVSKAYA
    Abstract. Town planning decisions are considered as a complex of organization-management, economic, technical, normative-legal measures for realization of priorities of the Moscow government in the field of town planning within the frame of the state programs aimed at improving the comfort of life activity environment and creation (reconstruction) of objects of capital construction which are in force in the city from 2012. Methods of the analysis and assessment of the impact of town planning decisions on the real life are proposed; the enlarged structure of town planning decisions influencing on the real estate markets is also presented.
    Key words: real estate market, town planning decisions, town planning policy.
  • System of Assessment Criteria of Urban Development Potential for Residential Areas of Moscow
  • UDC 711.58(47-25).001.36
    Sergey V. ARGUNOV, Yulia V. KOGAN
    Absract. The system of assessment criteria of the urban development potential for defining the list of priority measures necessary for improving the comfortability of residential neighbourhoods of the capital is offered. The use of the uniform system of criteria and appraisal will make it possible to predict in advance consequences and preferences of those or other town-planning and investment projects affecting the development of not only individual areas of the city, but also throughout the urban environment.
    Key words: town planning potential, assessment criteria, residential areas of Moscow, accumulated potential, potential of development, prospective potential, factors of urban environment.
  • Provision of Construction of Objects of City Order with Engineering Infrastructure
  • UDC 004.451.44:711.8
    Kirill V. KOZLOV, Viktor V. LEONOV
    Abstract. Methods of the formation of balanced approach in the field of designing and construction of residential and non-residential buildings and objects of city engineering are proposed on the basis of an analysis of the system of ties between the city programs of capital construction and measures for the development of engineering infrastructure.
    Key words: objects of capital construction, city order, engineering infrastructure, address investment program of Moscow.
  • Information Support When Making Decisions on Road-Bridge Construction
  • UDC 004.451.44:711.7:625.712
    Abstract. The system of providing heads of the building complex of Moscow with information-analytical material for control over the process of design and construction of road-bridge objects is considered. The structure and purposes of passports (albums), schemes and other documents on road-bridge construction developed by NPTS "Razvitiye goroda" and used by the Department of Construction of Moscow are presented.
    Key words: road-bridge construction, information support, control and coordination of construction process.
    1. Kievskiy L. V., Kievskiy I. L. Opredelenie prioritetov v razvitii transportnogo karkasa goroda // Promyshlennoe i grazhdanskoe stroitel'stvo. 2011. ¹ 10. S. 3-6.
    2. Rzhavin S. S., Veselovskiy A. V. 3D modeli - effektivnyy instrument podderzhki prinyatiya resheniy v dorozhno-mostovom stroitel'stve // Promyshlennoe i grazhdanskoe stroitel'stvo. 2011. ¹ 10. S. 30-32.
  • Role of State Programs of Moscow in Improvement of Comforts of Habitation
  • UDC 725.51:727.1:725.573:69.003(47-25)
    Aleksandr V. DOLGUSHIN
    Abstract. A methodology for evaluating the provision of the population with objects of education and health has been developed. A forecast of provision of the population with these objects in districts of the city has been made on the basis of data on volumes of commissioning and demolition of residential and social objects. To ensure the balanced construction of housing and social objects it is necessary to invite investors to participate in construction of educational and medical establishments.
    Key words: provision, preschool institutions and educational establishments, children and adult polyclinics, social infrastructure.
  • Floors of Residential and Public Buildings with Prefabricated Couplings Made of Moisture-Resistant Wood-Chip Boards
  • UDC 69.025.351.2:725
    Sergey M. GLIKIN, Aleksandr P. CHEKULAEV
    Abstract. Structural decisions of floors with prefabricated couplings made of moisture-resistant wood-chip boards and matched along the perimeter, which are used for making floors from parquet, parquet boards, linoleum laminate, ceramic tiles and synthetic fiber carpets are presented. Rules of their construction and a rational field of their application are reported.
    Key words: flooring underlay, floor topping, prefabricated coupling, heat and sound insulation.
  • Specific Features and Methods of Design of Diplomatic Complexes
  • UDC 725.125/.128:721.01
    Boris S. ISTOMIN, Andrey D. RAZIN
    Abstract. Methods of design of diplomatic complexes in the Russian Federation, and in some foreign countries are considered. As a result of the analysis of experience in the design of diplomatic objects, the stages of design, quantitative and qualitative assessment criteria for choosing the best design solution have been defined. During the designing it is necessary to define the architectural concept.
    Key words: methods of design, diplomatic complex, stages of design, architecture concept, specific features.
    1. Azgal'dov G. G. Kvalimetricheskaya ekspertiza stroitel'nykh ob"ektov. SPb : Politekhnika, 2008. 527 s.
    2. Istomin B. S. Kvalimetriya - metodicheskaya osnova kompleksnoy otsenki kachestva arkhitekturno-stroitel'nykh resheniy // Promyshlennoe i grazhdanskoe stroitel'stvo. 1998. ¹ 1. S. 28-31.
    3. Istomin B. S., Razin A. D. Osnovnye problemy formirovaniya arkhitektury zdaniy i sooruzheniy diplomaticheskogo naznacheniya // Promyshlennoe i grazhdanskoe stroitel'stvo. 2012. ¹ 9. S. 54-57.
  • Peculiarities of Design and Construction of the Football Stadium in Kazan for the 21st World Cup FIFA Final Tournament
  • UDC 725.826:796(41-25):624.016
    Nikolay G. KELASYEV
    Abstract. The construction of one of the 21st World Cup FIFA football stadium in Kazan, the final tournament of which will be held in 2018 in the Russian Federation, is completed. The basic structural decisions with due regard for the seismicity of the construction area and increased responsibility of the object and also the main features of the design and construction of that facility are considered. A floor composition of premises is presented.
    Key words: the 21st World Cup FIFA final tournament, football stadium for 45000 spectators, monolithic reinforced concrete structures, roof structure, design and construction with due regard for seismicity and increased responsibility of object.
    1. Leykina D. K., Fayzullin I. E., Spektor Yu. I. Futbol'nyy stadion na 45 tysyach zriteley v Kazani // Promyshlennoe i grazhdanskoe stroitel'stvo. 2011. ¹ 2. S. 7-11.
  • Main Directions to Increase Efficiency of Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems
  • UDC 697.975
    Aleksandr L. NAUMOV, Dmitry V. KAPKO, Vladimir V. EFREMOV, Aleksandr O. BUDZA
    Abstract. Traditional systems of ventilation and air conditioning are the most energy-consuming life-support systems of administrative buildings. Brief characteristics of main directions of reducing the energy consumption of these systems are presented. Their mutual influence is analyzed.
    Key words: utilization of heat of exhaust air, adaptive ventilation, cold accumulator, mutual influence.
    1. Naumov A. L., Serov S. F., Efremov V. V. Effektivnost' akkumulyatorov kholoda v sistemakh konditsionirovaniya vozdukha // Promyshlennoe i grazhdanskoe stroitel'stvo. 2011. ¹ 1. S. 64-66.
    2. Naumov A. L., Kapko D. V. Rezul'taty eksperimental'nykh issledovaniy sistemy lokal'nogo konditsionirovaniya vozdukha v administrativnykh zdaniyakh // Promyshlennoe i grazhdanskoe stroitel'stvo. 2013. ¹ 4. S. 17-19.
    3. Efremov V. V. Ispol'zovanie akkumulyatorov kholoda v sistemakh konditsionirovaniya vozdukha // Sovershenstvovanie arkhitekturno-stroitel'nykh i inzhenernykh resheniy zdaniy i sooruzheniy: sb. nauch. tr. / OAO «TsNIIPromzdaniy». M. : OAO «TsPP», 2011. C. 62-66.
    4. Budza A. O. Analiz effektivnosti utilizatorov teploty vytyazhnogo vozdukha // Sovershenstvovanie arkhitekturno-stroitel'nykh i inzhenernykh resheniy zdaniy i sooruzheniy: sb. nauch. tr. / OAO «TsNIIPromzdaniy». M. : OAO «TsPP», 2011. C. 67-72.
  • Analysis of Deformability of Bending Reinforced Concrete Elements
  • UDC 624.012.45.044
    Emil N. KODYSH, Nikolai N. TREKIN, Dmitriy N. TREKIN
    Abstract. A comparative analysis of numerical studies of deflections of bending reinforced concrete elements with different shape of section and level of prestress executed according to SP 63. 13330.2012 and SNiP 2.03.01-84* is presented. Reasons for discrepancies of deflection values for elements with cracks in a tension zone and without cracks are explained. Advantages of the diagram method of detection of deflections are substantiated and way of its perfecting are offered.
    Key words: bending reinforced concrete elements, deflections, diagram method.
    1. SP 63.13330.2012 «SNiP 52-01-2003 Betonnye i zhelezobetonnye konstruktsii. Osnovnye polozheniya».
    2. SNiP 2.03.01-84*. Betonnye i zhelezobetonnye konstruktsii. Normy proektirovaniya.
  • Research in Stressed-Strained State of Stone Partitions at an Overlapping Deflection
  • UDC 693.22
    Valery N. DERKACH
    Abstract. Results of the full-scale experimental study of a stone partition at bearing floor deflection are presented. On the basis of experimental and numerical investigations of the stressed-strained state of stone partitions the extreme value of deflection of the overlap is set. Numerical studies of the main factors affecting the crack resistance of stone walls and partitions at the deflection of the overlap have been executed.
    Key words: masonry partitions, crack resistance, extreme value of deflection of floor.
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  • Seismic Resistance of Walls Made of Large-Size Ceramic Porous (Polished) Multicavity Stones with the Use of Adhesive Solution
  • UDC 624.012.82:699.841
    Arkady V. GRANOVSKY, Nataliya Yu. SAYFULINA, Galina M. IVANOVA, Mikhail N. EFIMENKO
    Abstract. Results of the experimental study of the seismic resistance of masonry walls made of large-size ceramic perforated hollow core blocks with 52% porosity produced by "Ryabovskiy Ceramic Ware Factory" LLC with the use of an adhesive solution of RK mark have been analyzed. The walls were tested under different types of loads (static and dynamic) simulating seismic loads. Both models and experimental specimens were tested in real scale. Results of the experiment have proved that the large-size ceramic perforated hollow core blocks can be used for load bearing walls of buildings in seismic-prone regions of Russia.
    Key words: seismic loads, large-size ceramic perforated hollow core block, adhesive mixture, vibroplatform.
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    6. SP 15.13330.2012 «SNiP II-22-81* Kamennye i armokamennye konstruktsii».
  • Dependence of Natural Illumination of Premises on a Shape and Position of Sunbreakers under Climatic Conditions of Lebanon
  • UDC 628.978.71:628.9.021:728(569.3)
    Serge V. STETSKY, Valid A. HODEYR
    Abstract. Issues of the creation of qualitative illumination environment in residential buildings of Lebanon is considered. The dependence of internal natural illumination on the shape and position of external stationary sunbreakers (SB) because of their reflecting properties under condition of the sun climate is analyzed. As a result of the study, correcting coefficients which characterize the reflecting efficiency of various types of SB when calculating the coefficient of natural lighting using the alternative method of "clear sky" have been defined.
    Key words: premises, natural illumination, stationary sunbreakers, sun climate, reflecting efficiency.
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  • Practical Use of Theoretical Dependences for Determination of Main Technological Parameters When Projecting Injections
  • UDC 624.138.24
    Vladimir M. MARGOLIN
    Abstract. The comparison of results of parameters of injections obtained from different sources is made. Having the radius of distribution of a solution under laboratory conditions it is possible to use it with the help of a conversion factor for other types of injection sources which are directly used under production conditions, that are flat-radial or spherical.
    Key words: theoretical dependences, practical examples of soil solidification, technological parameters, radius of solution spreading.
    1. Margolin V. M. Metod opredeleniya osnovnykh tekhnologicheskikh parametrov in"ektsii vyazkikh rastvorov v peschanye grunty // Promyshlennoe i grazhdanskoe stroitel'stvo. 2013. ¹ 5. S. 52-53.
    2. SNiP 3.02.01-87. Zemlyanye sooruzheniya, osnovaniya i fundamenty.
    3. Posobie po khimicheskomu zakrepleniyu gruntov v promyshlennom i grazhdanskom stroitel'stve (k SNiP 3.02.01-87).
  • Principles of Software Development for Management Decision-Making in the Course of Engineering Communications Repairing
  • UDC 625.78.004.67:004.942
    Abstract. The methodical fundamentals of software development to solve management problems in the course of engineering communications repairing are described. When developing the structure and functionality of the software in the CAD environment, the principles of modular design of Windows-based applications are realized. The design of the user interface is proposed to perform with the use of functional possibilities of the interactive environment for rapid application development for management of Visual FoxPro database.
    Key words: engineering communications repair, object programming, cascaded model evolutionary model, modular design, programming language.
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  • On the Issue of Justification of Development of Underground Space of Big Cities
  • UDC 711.4:624.1
    Abstract.Main problems of the development of city underground space requiring the development of a single town-planning project, coordinated with the Master Plan of city development are analyzed. It is reasonable to place warehousing, energetic and engineering-transport objects, two-tier tunnels as well as industrial facilities the most dangerous for ecology in the underground space.
    Key words: underground space, transport, ecology, master plan of town, monitoring.
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