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Contents of issue ╣ 12 (december) 2011

  • "Industrial House Building for Mass Construction and Today Proves Its Value as a Fast and Efficient Method of Construction"
  • UDC 69.001.5/.002.2
    It is told about the work of ╠NIITEP in 2011 in the field of architecture, design and scientific research, about achievements and problems faced by Moscow architects, designers, city planners in solving the most urgent tasks of creating affordable and comfortable housing which has varied architectural appearance.
    Key words: MNIITEP, affordable housing, mass development, typical series of houses, large panel construction, target architecture.
  • Scientific Principles for Determination of Optimal Investment Program at Specified Budget and Organizational-Technological Potential of the Developer
  • UDC 711.581-168.003
    Vladimir G. KHAYKIN, Nataliya G. STAROSTINA
    Results of the study of process of reorganization and development of built-up areas with the use of the developed decomposition model with a multiplicative effect making it possible to optimize the investment program at the specified budget and organizational-technological potential of the developer are presented. The data of such studies can be used by the developer for definition and optimization of his efforts and also for the assessment of applicants in the tenders on the right of conclusion of the contract on the development of built-up areas.
    Key words: development of built-up areas, investment program, developer, decomposition model, multiplicative effect.
  • Design Work of MNIITEP for Implementation at DSK-1
  • UDC
    Aleksandr V. NADYSEV, Aleksandr E. YANKO
    It is told about the multi-year joint work of specialists of MNIITEP and the Moscow Housing Combine No.1 (DSK-1) aimed at adoption of new series of residential buildings and houses, the projects of which have been developed in MNIITEP for implementation in Moscow and the Moscow Region. In recent years, the designers much effort spent on the modernization of products launched by DSK-1, in particular, with the aim of creating a barrier-free environment for the wheelchair-bound invalids, maintenance of conformity of the engineering solutions to the requirements of fire safety, reduction of energy consumption, etc.
    Key words: housing construction, housing combine, prefabricated house building, modernization of production, sand-cement tile.
  • New Schools Will Be Built in Moscow
  • UDC 727.1
    Kirill V. KAPTEREV, Natalia Yu. KHARKINA
    In connection with the lack of free territories in Moscow, ╠NIITEP took on the task to develop designs of economical and compact buildings for schools under the conditions of very tight development. Architects - designers of new types of comprehensive secondary schools tell about the peculiarities of the designs of schools intended for 22 and 33 classes with due regard for children with physical disabilities.
    Key words: comprehensive secondary school, tight conditions of construction, space-planning solutions, wide buildings.
  • Development of Micro-Districts ╣ 1 and ╣ 2, Solntsevo District
  • UDC 711.581(47-25)-168
    Aleksandr V. NADYSEV, Sergey P. PAKHOMOV
    It is told about the complex development of micro-districts ╣ 1 and ╣ 2, Solntsevo District, Moscow, recognized as the best realized project of 2010 in the nomination "Residential Buildings and Complexes of Mass Consumption". The project was developed by the author's collective of the State Unitary Enterprise ╠NIITEP.
    Key words: housing development, prefabricated houses with different number of storey, space-planning features of micro-districts, zoning of apartment.
  • Renewal of Urban Planning Products of Glavmosstroy Co., Glavstroy Corporation
  • UDC 69.002.2:725/728
    Viktor V. ROSSIKHIN
    It is told about the work of the workshop ╣ 5 of the State Unitary Enterprise ╠NIITEP aimed at renewal of urban development products for "Glavmosstroy Company" OJSC. In a new series they improved staircase and elevator sections for the number of storeys up to 9 and to 17 floors fully meeting the requirements of the fire safety rules and accessibility for the disabled population groups, expanded the nomenclature of flats on the floor, etc.
    Key words: mass development, large panel construction, architectural and planning conceptions.
  • Trends and Problems of Development of Areas Built-Up in 1950-1960 in Moscow
  • UDC 711.581(47-25)-168
    On the basis of the analysis of the experience of reconstruction of the housing development emerged in 1950-1960 in Moscow, the accents of town-planning activity in the field of modernization of the obsolete housing stock of the city from the point of view of an integrated approach to the process of development of built-up territories are placed. The main directions of the development of an appropriate legal, regulatory and design-methodical base, and also a compromise scheme of interaction between participants of the process of the development of built-up areas (an investor, city administration and inhabitants of houses under reconstruction) are offered.
    Key words: urban development planning, development of built-up areas, reconstruction, non-demolished series of residential houses.
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  • About Design Conceptions of Location of Built-In Above-Ground Parking Lots of Closed Type under Residential Buildings of Mass Series
  • UDC 725.381.3:721.011.25.012
    Under the conditions of the existing development of the city, in the absence of free areas, the new approaches to the placement of organized storage of vehicles in residential neighborhoods are required. One of such decisions can be the placement of above-ground parking lots under the houses. The article tells about design conceptions of placement of the above-ground parking lots of a closed type in the monolithic constructions under the houses of mass industrial series P44T and ¤3╠╩ developed by the State Unitary Enterprise ╠NIITEP.
    Key words: design conceptions, above-ground parking lot of a closed type incorporated in dwelling houses, monolithic structures, mass industrial series.
  • Rearrangement of Flats in Dwelling Houses of SUE MNIITEP's Typical Designs
  • UDC 728.
    Elena Yu. KORNIENKO, Margarita A. NEKRASOVA
    The problem of the change of residential premises to the needs of the particular family has always existed, and the procedure of coordination of any changes has been a complicated, time-consuming and expensive for the population. At the present time the procedure of endorsement of reconstruction and rearrangement of apartments in residential buildings is significantly simplified and accelerated. GUP ╠NIITEP, as the author of the majority of typical designs of dwelling houses, has developed the catalogues of typical designs and project decisions of reconstruction and rearrangement of its series of typical dwelling houses. The article contains the commentary of specialists on their application.
    Key words: GUP ╠NIITEP, catalogues of rearrangement of apartments, typical designs of residential houses, project of rearrangement/ re-equipment, technical conclusion, survey of load-bearing structures.
  • On Some Issues of Design of Electric Equipment of Residential Buildings
  • UDC 696.6.001.2
    Aleksandr V. KUZILIN, Sergey V. MINAKOV, Vladimir F. SAVINKIN
    Topical issues of the arrangement of high-current and low-current networks of residential buildings are considered. It is noted that to improve the electric fire safety and energy efficiency in the course of design of electrical equipment of residential buildings the availability of the qualitative up-to-date normative base, certain provisions of chapters of which would not be in conflict with other documents, is necessary.
    Key words: design of electric equipment of residential buildings, electrotechnical plinths, electrical receivers of fire protection, power efficiency, light-emitting diodes.
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    4. RD 34.20.185-94. Instrukciya po proektirovaniyu gorodskix e'lektricheskix setej.
    5. SP 31-110-2003. Proektirovanie i montazh e'lektroustanovok zhilyx i obshhestvennyx zdanij.
    6. SanPiN Sanitarno-e'pidemiologicheskie trebovaniya k usloviyam prozhivaniya v zhilyx zdaniyax i pomeshheniyax.
    7. Kuzilin A. V. Obnovlenie normativnoj bazy po proektirovaniyu e'lektrotexnicheskix sistem zhilyx zdanij // Promyshlennoe i grazhdanskoe stroitel'stvo. 2010. ╣ 12. S. 31-33.
    8. O povyshenii e'nergeticheskoj e'ffektivnosti:: postanovlenie pravitel'stva Moskvy ot 05.10.2010 g. ╣ 900-PP.
  • Issues of Energy Saving in Residential Buildings of Industrial Series
  • UDC 696.317.2.004.18
    The organization of heat supply of buildings using the individual stations of heat-and-water supply that makes it possible to use the innovation technology of complex organization of heating and hot water supply systems of blocks of flats is considered. The use of this equipment will make it possible to significantly reduce power consumption and minimize the payment for heating, cold and hot water supply.
    Key words: improvement of power efficiency, individual stations of heat and water supply, systems of heating and hot water supply.
  • Method of Complex Assessment of Effectiveness of the Use of Energy-Saving Equipment for Heating of Buildings
  • UDC 697.
    The assessment of efficiency of the use of energy-saving equipment for heating of buildings is made. The actuality of this subject confirms the intensive development of innovations in the field of energy saving in recent years. The methodology based on the calculation of resource and economic effects will help to estimate future costs and benefits from the installation of new equipment with a low level of energy consumption. In the course of development of the methodology, techniques and methods of the analysis of the economic science with due regard for peculiarities of the construction industry have been used.
    Key words: energy efficiency, energy saving equipment, resource saving, economic effect, payback period, profitability index, assessment methodology, flow of payments.
    1. Usacheva Yu. V. Metodika ocenki e'ffektivnosti i otbora innovacionnyx proektov v social'nom stroitel'stve // Sovremennye problemy razvitiya obshhestva: e'konomika, pravo, filosofiya i sociologiya: sb. nauch. statej po itogam mezhdunar. nauch.-prakt. konf. (Volgograd, 2011 g.). Volgograd : Nauchnoe izdatel'stvo, 2011. Ch. II. S. 176-181.
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    3. Raschet e'konomicheskoj e'ffektivnosti primeneniya e'nergosberegayushhego inzhenernogo oborudovaniya dlya otopleniya zdanij (dogovor ╣ 11-01 ot 14 yanv. 2011 g., zakazchik - "STROJTEXNOINNOVACIYa") : NIR.
    4. GOST 30494-96. Zdaniya zhilye i obshhestvennye. Parametry mikroklimata v pomeshheniyax.
    5. SP 50.133330.2010 "SNiP 23-02-2003. Teplovaya zashhita zdanij".
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  • To the Problems of Strength and Energy Resources of Houses of the First and Second Periods of Industrial House-Building Constructed According to MNIITEP's Projects
  • UDC 699.86:69.058.5/.7
    Mikhail S. DUZINKEVICH, Mikhail V. SVETLAKOV
    The problems of residual strength and energy resources of the houses of the first and second periods of industrial house-building are considered. The generalized data of multi-year investigations of hundreds of such houses constructed according to the projects of MNIITEP are presented. On the basis of these investigations the characteristics of strength resource of 5-storey houses of non-demolished series and energy resource of the house-representative of the second period of the industrial house-building are made.
    Key words: housing stock, residual resource, sanation, demolition, heat engineering surveys, heat losses, heat flow.
    1. Osnovnye pokazateli po zhilym stroeniyam g. Moskvy po sostoyaniyu na 1 yanvarya 2011 g. URL: http:// (data obrashheniya: 01.12.2011).
    2. Razrabotka i vnedrenie metodiki ocenki i prognozirovaniya ostatochnogo resursa stroitel'nyx konstrukcij zdanij i sooruzhenij v razlichnyx usloviyax rekonstrukcii i konservacii ob"ektov : NI-5240-01 / GUP MNIITE'P. M., 2009. S. 230.
    3. Goxberg Yu. C., Svetlakov M. V., Xaimova-Mal'kova E. V. Povyshenie e'nergoe'ffektivnosti zhilyx zdanij vtorogo perioda industrial'nogo domostroeniya pri ix kapital'nom remonte // Promyshlennoe i grazhdanskoe stroitel'stvo. 2008. ╣ 12. S. 33-34.
  • Transformation of Pre-School Educational Institutions in the Process of Reconstruction of Residential Development
  • UDC 721.111.004.69
    Boris V. DMITRIEV
    The direction of the transformation of the primary network of pre-school educational institutions (PEI) in the course of reconstruction of a residential district in the form of the CSC - a single complex, consisting of a center of pre-school education (CPE) and sections is expounded. The center is a large detached PEI relieves the sections from some specialized functions. CPE can be both new and existing PEI provided its reconstruction. The description of the architectural and technical solutions of CPE on the basis of the model PEI VI-13 is made. Indicators of the effectiveness of organization both of the CSC and reconstruction of typical PEI VI-13 for the function of CPE are presented. The article is based on the results of scientific-research works of the State Unitary Enterprise ╠NIITEP in 2008-2010.
    Key words: pre-school educational institution, center of pre-school education, complex of pre-school education, built-in-integrated pre-school educational institutions.
    1. Issledovanie po formirovaniyu nomenklatury uchrezhdenij i predpriyatij obshhestvennogo naznacheniya, vstroennyx (vstroenno-pristroennyx) v zhilye doma massovyx serij : nauch.-texn.otchet NI-5169. MNIITE'P, 2008. 160 s.
    2. Provesti issledovaniya na primere kompleksnoj rekonstrukcii xarakternyx kvartalov massovoj pyatie'tazhnoj zastrojki i dat' predlozheniya po optimizacii seti DOU za schet vstroennyx i vstroenno-pristroennyx uchrezhdenij i sozdaniya centra doshkol'nogo vospitaniya (CDV) kak bazovogo doshkol'nogo uchrezhdeniya kvartala : nauch.-texn. otchet NI-5248. MNIITE'P, 2010. 164 s.
    3. Provesti issledovaniya na baze xarakternyx kvartalov massovoj pyatie'tazhnoj zastrojki i dat' predlozheniya po preobrazovaniyu seti doshkol'nyx obrazovatel'nyx uchrezhdenij (DOU) s uchetom kompleksnoj rekonstrukcii sushhestvuyushhix DOU, postroennyx po tipovym proektam : nauch.-texn. otchet NI-5166. MNIITE'P, 2008. 90 s.
  • The Use of Basalt-Fibrous Materials when Constructing the Fiber-Soil Foundations
  • UDC 624.138.24:691.213.2
    Vladimir A. TRUSHKOV
    The injection reinforcement of weak soils with composite materials using the technological equipment consisting of injectors, pressure reinforced sleeves, a drilling pump, mortar mixer, packer and couplings, horizontal concrete protective screen is considered. To develop projects for strengthening the weak grounds the normative base and the methods of calculation of artificial fiber-earth foundations are created.
    Key words: artificial foundation, basalt fiber, fiber-soil, anthropogenic soil, geocomposite, stabilization of settlings, injection reinforcement, estimated model.
  • On the Development of Normative-Technical Documents Related to Inspection and Monitoring of Technical State of Buildings and Structures in the Course of Operation
  • UDC 69.059.4(083.75)
    Vladimir V. GURIEV, Vladimir M. DOROFEEV
    The issue of development of normative-technical base in the field of inspection and monitoring of the technical state of buildings is considered. Due to the high labour content and cost of traditional methods of examination there is a need to develop other monitoring technologies based on the measurement of dynamic parameters of building structures. In this connection the main provisions of GOST R 53778-2010 "Buildings and Structures. The Rules of Inspection and Monitoring of the Technical State", the draft national standard "Buildings and Structures. Determination of Parameters of the Major Tone of Self-Induced Vibrations", the draft interstate standard "Stations of Stationary Monitoring of Technical Conditions of Unique Buildings and Structures. Rules for Design and Installation" are analyzed.
    Key words: monitoring of technical state of buildings, period of major tone of self-induced vibrations, logarithmic decrement, stationary stations, automated monitoring, unique objects.
    1. Dorofeev V. M. O bezopasnosti e'kspluatacii nesushhix konstrukcij zdanij i sooruzhenij // Vestnik Rossijskogo universiteta druzhby narodov : ser. problemy kompleksnoj bezopasnosti. 2005. ╣ 2. S. 44-52.
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  • Features of Design of Automated Stationary Systems for Monitoring of Technical State of Bearing Structures of Long-Span Sports Facilities of Olympic Games-2014 in Sochi
  • UDC 62-523.8.001.2:725.85/.89:699.841
    Vladimir M. DOROFEEV, Dmitry A. LYSOV, └Űňŕsandr S. DENISOV
    Issues of the ensuring of constructive safety of unique buildings and structures located in the seismically dangerous regions of the country through the establishment of special stations of engineering and seismometric observations on the example of the unique long-span sports facilities for the Olympics-2014 in the city of Sochi are considered.
    Key words: engineering-seismometric observing stations, large-span structures, monitoring, technical state, engineering structures.
  • About the Program of the City of Moscow "Urban Planning Policy" for 2012-2016
  • UDC 711.432(47-25)
    Elena N. TURCHINA
    It is told about the main aspects of the Moscow City Program "Urban Planning Policy" in 2012-2016, which is one of tools of realization of the Concept of long-term socio-economic development of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2020. Implementation of the program will contribute to the expansion of relations between Moscow and Moscow region, improvement of the investment climate in the capital, improvement of the normative-legal base of town-planning, development of urban infrastructure, etc. All this will ensure the harmonious development of the Moscow Region.
    Key words: urban planning policy, program of Moscow for 2012 - 2016, program activities, city infrastructure.
  • Problem of Affordable Housing for Young Families in Russia
  • UDC 351.778.53(571.17)
    It is told about the procedure of conducting and the results of sociological studies on studying of the housing problem of young people in the Kemerovo region. As the survey shows, the majority of respondents are in need of improvement of housing conditions, but, as a rule, do not have such a possibility. The existing forms of support of young families in the Kuzbass region, as well as the most actual forms in the opinion of the respondents are presented.
    Key words: young family, support programs, housing affordability index, respondent, real estate market, mortgage lending.
    1. Sajt informacionnogo agentstva "Regnum". URL: http://kemerovo. (data obrashheniya: 11.10.2011).
    2. Nezavisimyj gorodskoj sajt "Kuzbass". URL: news/97273/view (data obrashheniya 09.10.2011).
    3. Sajt informacionnogo agentstva "Novosti Kuzbassa". URL: http:// (data obrashheniya: 01.11.2011).
  • Development of the System of Priorities for Choosing of Residential Blocks within the Framework of Development of Built-Up Territories in Moscow
  • UDC 711.4-168(47-25).001.2
    Sergey V. ARGUNOV, Yuliya V. KOGAN, Nataliya G. STAROSTINA, Yury A. FILIPENKO
    The basic tendencies of development of Moscow during the last few years concerning the commissioning of new housing stock and renovation of the existing development are considered. The main priorities for selection of residential blocks within the limits of the development of built-up areas are formulated on their basis. The method of calculation for determining the priority of a particular quarter with due regard for its key town-planning features is presented. The methods developed can serve as an effective tool for determining the sequence of reorganization of built-up areas in the framework of the implementation of the State Program "Town Planning Policy" of Moscow.
    Key words: development of built-up areas, reconstruction, renovation, town planning policy, priorities of choice of residential blocks.
    1. Gosudarstvennaya programma g. Moskvy "Razvitie transportnoj sistemy na 2012-2016 gg.".
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  • Methods Of Approach To The Choice Of An Object Of Operative Renovation At Dilapidated Drainage Networks
  • UDC 628.15:628.2.004.6
    Vladimir A. ORLOV, Anna V. MALEEVA
    The factors, which are the basis for composing the algorithm and computer program of selection of the first priority and potential objects of renovation at the drainage network, are analyzed. Results of the calculation may be accompanied by the comment in the form of charts of the distribution of sections of drainage networks according to the priority of renovation. With the help of this tool the specialist takes the necessary decision.
    Key words: methods, algorithms, automated program, potential object of renovation, pipeline networks.
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  • Functional Aspects of Designing the Equestrian Sport Centers
  • UDC 725.89:798.2
    Mikhail B. PANKOV
    In recent years, in Russia the ever more development gets a new type of building - an equestrian centre. However, at the present time there are many unexplored issues of designing these complexes: zoning of premises and organization of technological process, creation of the rational space-planning structure. This article is devoted to answers to these questions.
    Key words: equestrian centre.
    1. Koncepciya razvitiya konevodstva Rossii na period do 2010 g. / V. V. Kalashnikov, A. P. Matvienko, L. P. Bogdanova. Ryazan' : VNIIkonevodstva, 2001. 24 s.
    2. Proektirovanie zalov i pomeshhenij dlya fizkul'turno-ozdorovitel'nyx zanyatij krytyx katkov s iskusstvennym l'dom : sprav. posobie k SNiP 2.08.02-89 / CNIIE'P im. B. S. Mezenceva. M. : Strojizdat, 1991. 144 s.
    3. NTP-APK Normy texnologicheskogo proektirovaniya konevodcheskix predpriyatij / Minsel'xoz Rossii. M., 2000.
  • Assignment of Types of Transverse Loads When Studying the Stability of Shells
  • UDC 539.3
    Anastasiya I. GORYACHEVSKIKH, Vladimir V. KARPOV
    Methods of assignment of loads of different types represented by means of power-series delimitation according to appropriate coordinates are proposed. The data cited can be used to determine the most dangerous combination of loads along the appropriate direction of coordinates when studying the shells.
    Key words: stability of shell structures, transverse loads, methods of loads assignment.
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  • Efficiency Of Secondary Protection Of Reinforced Concrete Sewers
  • UDC 69.059.4:628.24:621.643.255
    Pavel L. KANTOR, Vera S. ASIANOVA, Valery M. LATYPOV
    Basic ways of protection of reinforced concrete sewers are discussed. Experimental research for definition of the most effective secondary protection of concrete under conditions of hydrogen-sulfide corrosion is conducted.
    Key words: concrete, sewer, corrosion, protection, coatings, compositions.
    1. Rozental' N. K. Korroziya i zashhita betonnyx i zhelezobetonnyx konstrukcij sooruzhenij ochistki stochnyx vod // Beton i zhelezobeton. Oborudovanie. Materialy. Texnologii. SPb : Slavutich, 2011. C. 78-85.
    2. Rozental' N. K., Chexnij G. V. Korroziya i zashhita zhelezobetonnyx konstrukcij kollektorov stochnyx vod // Povyshenie dolgovechnosti sistem vodootvedeniya : materialy nauch.-prakt. seminara (Ufa, 28 sent. 2006 g.). C. 12-23.
  • Methodological Approach to the Sequence of Making Technical and Technological Decisions on Reconstruction and Modernization of Mass Housing Development Areas
  • UDC 711.4-168.001.2
    Sergey I. MATRENINSKY, Valery Ya. MISHCHENKO, Vyacheslav A. CHERTOV, Le Trong HAI
    The sequence of making technical and technological decisions which implement a range of activities on reconstruction and modernization of mass housing development areas such as extraordinary and general overhaul, reconstruction and modernization, demolition and dismantling, construction is represented.
    Key words: mass housing development areas, repair, reconstruction, modernization, dismantling, construction, technical and technological decisions.
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  • Questioning as an Integral Stage of the Study of Adaptation of the Activity of the Customer-Developer Service in Market Conditions
  • UDC 69.009
    Tatiana K. KUZMINA
    Under the conditions of transition to market relations some functions of system have changed. To detect these changes the method of statistical modeling according to expert analysis has been used. As a result of the processing of expert analysis array, the functions have been specified at all stages of construction. The results of processing the questioning using the up-to-date properties of information technologies will investigation "Adaptation of the service under the market conditions".
    Key words: method of statistical modeling, expert estimates, the functions, processing results, questioning.
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  • Up-to-Date Technologies of Construction of Compacted Soil Bases When Constructing the Buildings and Structures Under Constrained Conditions
  • UDC 624.138.231.1
    Weak soils of the construction site and the possibilities of construction of an artificial compacted base using various sands have been studied. The article considers up-to-date construction machines for compaction of soils and technologies of works. Results of the field and laboratory studies of sands are presented.
    Key words: soil, building, technology, foundation, base, compaction.
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