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Contents of issue 10 (october) 2011

  • Definition of Priorities in Development of Transport Framework
  • UDC 711.7-163:625.712
    Leonid V. KIEVSKY, Ilia L. KIEVSKY
    Main directions of the development of the city transport framework are presented on the example of Moscow. The concept of the city transport framework is linked with capital investments and ranking according to the adopted criteria of optimality of measures of the program of road and bridge construction in the capital of Russia.
    Key words: city's transport framework, road and bridge construction, capital investments, ranking of objects.
  • Integration of the State Programs of Moscow and Formation of Targeted Lists of Capital Construction
  • UDC 711.4-122(47-25):69.003:658.012.22
    Sergey V. ARGUNOV, Yuliya V. KOGAN
    The integration of state programs of the city is one of the key issues in the structure of the state program of Moscow "Urban policies". For this purpose it is required: the creation of a methodological base, the elaboration of the procedural and organizational issues, the approval of regulations of informational interaction, as well as the formation of the data sets on the course of the pre-project preparation, design and construction. As a result, targeted lists of objects of capital construction will be formed.
    Key words: state programs, town planning policy, capital construction, targeted investment program.
  • Architectural-and-Construction Potential of Real Estate Objects Involved in the Process of Reproduction
  • UDC 72.003:69.003:658.152.011.46
    Vladimir G. KHAYKIN, Sergey V. ARGUNOV, Nataliya G. STAROSTINA
    The concept of "the architectural-and-construction potential of a real estate object" is introduced. The integral index proposed is necessary for the efficient administration of property, reconstruction, renovation, purchase and sale of immovable property and includes a great number of features, properties and characteristics of the object. A separate building, a group of buildings, a quarter, a micro-district can be an object of reproduction. In the framework of the reproduction theory real estate objects are considered as carriers of not only physical but also economic properties.
    Key words: town planning, reproduction theory, administration of property, architectural and construction potential of real estate objects.
  • Organizational Aspects of Monitoring of Construction
  • UDC 004.915:711.58/.8
    To manage the construction process the city authorities must rely on carefully prepared materials. The creation of aggregate electronic circuits with subsequent monitoring will make it possible to ensure rapid access to actual data, to compare them with directive data, to introduce adjustments.
    Key word: town planning, aggregate schemes, monitoring.
  • Infographic Model of Complex Reconstruction of Residential Districts (on the example of Moscow)
  • UDC 711.58(47-25)-168.001.572
    The infographic simulation is offered as an adequate method of organization and control of the process of reconstruction. For the solution of tasks of complex reconstruction of Moscow districts the four-level infographic model, a multimodule system, has been developed. The cartographic module ensures the visualization of all objects (demolished buildings and buildings put into operation, housing developments with conservation of old buildings having historic and architectural value, engineering communications) on the map. The analytic module of plotting of network diagrams of construction, demolishing, "wave" resettlement on the basis of the use of Gantt charts ensures the coordination of the reconstruction process with due regard for the time-frame and objects. A separate module ensures the storage of variants of reconstruction. The use of the model developed makes it possible to carry out efficient planning, control and management of complex reconstruction in large cities.
    Key words: infographic model, network planning, wave resettlement, management, complex reconstruction of districts, information system.
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  • The Use of Geoinformation Methods for Preparation of the Targeted Investment Program of Engineering Infrastructure Development of the City of Moscow
  • UDC 004.451.44:711.8
    Sergey V. ARGUNOV, Yuliya V. KOGAN
    Geoinformation technologies make it possible to consolidate the semantic and cartographic data and optimize the process of management decision-making. The article considers the examples of the use of the methods of cartographic analysis in the course of formation of the Targeted Investment Program of Moscow in the process of elaboration of measures aimed at development of networks and head engineering works.
    Key words: city's engineering infrastructure, geoinformation technologies, semantic and cartographic data.
  • The Use of Geo-Information Technologies for Enhancement of Efficiency of Organization of Town Planning Activities in Major Cities
  • UDC 004.451.44:711.4-122
    Svetlana V. VLADIMIROVA
    The use of geo-information technologies makes it possible to bring the initial data of different organizations involved in urban design to the integrated cartographic base. As a result, the real integration and comparison of information supplied usually on different cartographic bases became possible, i.e. the acquisition of new knowledge about the objects of the study, the acceleration of information accessing, enhancement of its reliability and quality that makes it possible to improve the efficiency of organization of town planning activities.
    Key words: geo-information systems, geo-information technologies, cartographical analysis, town planning activities.
    1. Razrabotka strategii garazhnogo stroitel'stva v g. Moskve do 2025 g. : nauch.-tehn. otchet / OOO NPC . M., 2009.
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  • Development of Mechanism of Assessment of Provision of the Objects Planned for Construction with Power Capacities
  • UDC 004.021:621.311
    Sergey V. ARGUNOV, Sergey V. ARSENIEV, Yuliya V. KOGAN, Viktor V. LEONOV
    The methods of preliminary assessment of provision of the objects planned for construction with power capacities based on the formation of the list of possible electric supply sources by means of comparison of the influence zones within the bounds of which the sites for prospective construction are situated have been developed as a result of processing and systematization of data on the power supply system of Moscow.
    Key words: object-consumer of electric power, zone of influence, feed center, possibility of technological attachment, geoinformation technology.
    1. Postanovlenie pravitel'stva Moskvy ot 02.12.2008 g. 1075-PP (v red. postanovlenij pravitel'stva Moskvy ot 04.08.2009 g. 739PP, ot 02.02.2010 g. 72PP) "Ob Jenergeticheskoj strategii g. Moskvy na period do 2025 g."
    2. Zakon g. Moskvy ot 05.05.2010 g. 17 "O General'nom plane goroda Moskvy".
  • Organizational Aspects of the Program of Building of Orthodox Temples
  • UDC 726.54:69.05:658.513
    Results of the development of typical network schedules of designing and building of orthodox temples of modular type are presented. The necessity of network simulation in the processes of designing and building is proved. The sequence and duration of works of the network schedule for maintenance of required terms is defined. Examples of developments aimed at automation of problems of control and monitoring of designing and building processes are given.
    Key words: orthodox temples of modular type, network simulation, network schedule, regulation of works, control and monitoring automation.
  • 3D-Models is an Efficient Tool of Support of Decision - Making in Road and Bridge Construction
  • UDC 69.003.13
    Sergey S. RZHAVIN, Aleksey V. VESELOVSKY
    It is told about the use of 3D simulation in decision-making in the course of reconstruction of the city street and road network. It is shown that 3D models favour the search for more optimal solutions in the course of simulation of the development of road-bridge construction, help to better visualize the object of construction, to identify its weaknesses and strengths.
    Key words: 3D simulation, road-bridge construction, project documentation, road interchange.
  • Introduction of Web Technologies in Operational Work of the SUE "Mosgaz"
  • UDC 004.9:658.512/.514
    Artur L. IGNATIEV
    This article describes the structure and functions of the software module fixing the spatial coordinates and attributes of the call in place of a probable technological violation, as well as Web applications "Cartographic Information", "Operative Schemes of Gas Supply Networks", "Route Charts of the Department of Pipelines of High and Medium Pressure and Gas-Distribution Substation" which introduced and used in the Central Dispatching Office of SUE "Mosgaz".
    Key words: geographic information system (GIS), operation schemes, route charts, web-application, ASP.NET, ArcGIS Server.
    1. "MOSGAZ" postroil videostenu dlja monitoringa situacij s pomoshh'ju reshenija NVIDIA. http://www. 2010/04/19/387077 (data obrashhenija: 02.03.2011).
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    3. MeadCo's ScriptX http://www. (data obrashhenija: 02.03.2011).
  • Information-Cartographical Support of Construction of the Moscow International Business Centre "Moscow-City"
  • UDC 004.915:711.523
    The general description of the MIBC "Moscow-City" (the objects put into operation and under construction) is presented. The general range of the problems solved by members of the staff of Moscow-City is outlined. The general scheme of process of ensuring the information-cartographical support of the staff of Moscow-City is shown and its description is given. The structure and the description of the software shell used are presented. The efficiency of the developed technique of data collection and the software shell is defined.
    Key words: parking, engineering communications, transport infrastructure, cartographical information, software shell, object of building, plan-scheme, network and directive schedule.
  • Problems of Introduction of Information Systems in the Service of Customer
  • UDC 004.915:725.381.3
    Ilia B. GRISHUTIN, Aleksandr A. KHRAPA, Mikhail G. TIKHOMIROV, Aleksandr V. KOSTIN
    The experience of introduction of information systems in the customer service not having the well-developed information infrastructure is analyzed. Methods of the establishment of interrelation between users and developers of the program product are offered. The transition from the initial version to the internet-version is described.
    Key words: life cycle, agreement about shared participation, modernization, cycle of contractual process, individual approach, stage, introduction, territorial branch.
  • Problem of Systematization and Accounting of Data on Parking Places in Moscow
  • UDC 004.915:725.38
    Svetlana V. VLADIMIROVA, Aleksandr V. KOSTIN
    The unified base of both existing objects and objects under construction is necessary for planning of placement of garage facilities in the city. A new systematization of garages and parking lots making it possible to take into account all the features of parking places and having several levels of classification is offered.
    Key words: garages, parking lots, systematization of parking places, unified base of garage objects.
    1. Obzor analiticheskogo centra IRN.RU ot 16.12.2010 g.
    2. MGSN 1.01-99. Normy i pravila proektirovanija planirovki i zastrojki g. Moskvy.
    3. MGSN 5.01-01. Stojanki legkovyh avtomobilej.
  • Interactive Network Graphs for Solving the Problem of Control of Design and Construction of Many Objects on the Example of the Program "People's Garage"
  • UDC 004.915:725.381.3
    The solution of the problem of monitoring the performance of designing and building works in the course of management of the process of design and construction of capital objects of garage purpose on the example of the city program "People's Garage" is considered.
    The use of a network model makes it possible to formalize the calculations for computer treatment and shorten the time of putting the object of garage purpose into operation. The information-analytical model of information collection and operative formation of network graphs ensures the video rendering of parameters under control and photographs of objects under construction.
    Key words: network planning, network graphs, control of design and construction, garage construction, information system.
  • The Use of Algebraic Approach When Organizing the Construction on the Example of Garage Building
  • UDC 512:69:725.38
    Mikhail G. TIKHOMIROV
    Results of the use of highly efficient and precise mathematical algorithms of construction objects classification for the purpose of selection of the optimal method for organization of construction and sale of facilities of garage destination in Moscow in the framework of the city program "People's Garage" are presented. The methods of solving problems of typification in situations when there is a need to find a "simple" decision rule are considered.
    Key words: algebraic approach, organization of construction, typification of objects, virtual precedents, network diagram, network planning, garage construction.
  • Information-Cartographic Analysis of Factor Influencing on Efficiency of Realization of Garages in Moscow
  • UDC 004.915:725.38.003
    The example of the use of the information-cartographic analysis for determination of the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of factors influencing supposedly on the process of realization in 2010 the objects of garage purpose of the Program "People's Garage" of the Moscow Government is considered. The list of factors is composed on the basis of the retrospective analysis of realization of the objects of this program in 2009.
    Key words: marketing research, factors influencing on levels of demand and sales of objects of garage appointment, Program "People's Garage", cartographic analysis.
    1. Razvitie goroda : sb. nauch. tr. / pod red. L. V. Kievskogo. M. : SvR-ARGUS, 2005. 229 s.
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  • Development of Interactive Floor Plans of Objects of the City Program "People's Garage"
  • UDC 004.915:725.38
    The description of the mechanisms of realization of a technology ensuring the high level of visualization in the process of work with the system of an operator and a buyer is given. The realization of this functional both in the client-server architecture using the GIS "MapInfo" and in the three-stage architecture with web-interface using standard means of web-browsers is considered in details. The mechanism of formation of floor plans of garage objects and conversion in the course of transition to the new version of the system is shown.
    Key words: floor plans, machine-place, automation of agreement activities, visual presentation of information, protection against operator errors.
  • Technology of Generation of Electronic Versions of Gas Supply Route Maps
  • UDC 004.9:658.512:622.691.4(-21)
    To automate the work of the Central dispatching department and Department of operation and repair of gas pipelines of high and medium pressure of SUE "Mosgaz" the authors have developed the technology of generation of electronic versions of gas supply route maps. Source materials: layers of GIS in the format of MapInfo Professional and paper route maps; output materials: HTML-files with introduced objects SVG.
    Key words: route maps, gas pipeline, MapInfo Professional, Visio, SVG.
  • Typologization of Spatial Functioning of Rural Settling
  • UDC 711.437/.438.004.7
    Zlata A. GAEVSKAYA
    Enhancement of functional, practical and aesthetic qualities of the planning structure of rural settling is one of the goals of the development of new town planning principles of the reconstruction of rural settlements. The possibility of typologization of spatial organization of rural settling is analyzed. The use of structural-forming factors makes it possible to reveal the spatial typological models.
    Key words: reconstruction, rural settling, structure-forming factors, planning structure, typology.
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  • Pricing in Construction and Housing and Communal Services with the Use of Methods of Cost Management
  • UDC 338.5:69.003.13(073)
    Olga A. KUTSYGINA, Viktoriya V. PANAYOTOVA
    The issues of pricing in capital construction and housing and communal services as an integrated management system are analyzed. To improve the pricing mechanism a series of measures aimed at organizing and strengthening the management at the stages of the life cycle of buildings and structures using methods of cost management is offered.
    Key words: pricing, management, cost management, design, construction, maintenance
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  • Assessment of Potentials of Growth and Development of a Municipal Formation (on materials of Kursk)
  • UDC 711.42.003.1:658.012.12
    Mariya L. MOSHKEVICH
    A review of approaches to the "investment potential" definition is made. The basic indicators affecting the investment potential of the city are revealed. The structure of components of a model for its assessment is offered. A comprehensive analysis and evaluation of investment potential of the city of Kursk is made.
    Key words: city, investments, investment potential, analysis.
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    3. (data obrashhenija: 21.12.2010)
  • Determination of Strength Characteristics of Elements and Angular Seams in Existing Steel Structures Using the Method of Drilling
  • UDC 620.179
    Yury V. PUKHARENKO, Vladimir M. KHOMICH, Aleksandr V. LEVANOV
    The method of determination of strength characteristics of elements and angular seams in the existing steel structures is offered. It is based on the comparison of specific energy values spent for drilling of channels in the reference sample and in the element of the structure under study.
    Key words: strength characteristics, building steels, angular seams, specific energy, method.
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  • Comparative Analysis of the Use of Different Finite Element Models of a Multi-Storey Building
  • UDC 624.042:681.3
    Aleksandra Yu. ZOBACHEVA, Galina G. KASHEVAROVA
    The comparative analysis of the results of calculation of the stressed-strained state of a multi-storey building in the course of simulation of designs with different types of finite elements with the purpose of further creation of a spatial computation model that adequately reflects the actual operation of a structure is made.
    Key words: building, floor, finite elements, model, ANSYS.
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  • On the Issue of Features of Underground Parking Lots of the Republic of Vietnam in Terms of Their Fire Safety
  • UDC 614.841:725.38(24)
    Xuan Hung NGUYEN
    Construction of underground parking lots in the multistory buildings of different purpose is an important link in the process of urbanization of the infrastructure of major cities of Vietnam. The dynamics of the construction of underground parking lots in the Republic of Vietnam are analysed; peculiarities of their fire hazard are identified.
    Key words: underground parking lot, motorcycle, fire hazard, residential and public buildings of different purpose
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