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Contents of issue 5 (may) 2011

  • MNIITEP: 60 Years
  • Yury P. Grigoriev
  • Training of Modern Qualified Engineers is One of the Priority Tasks of the Economy Development
  • UDC 378.669
    Valery I. KOVALEV
    Rector of the Petersburg State Transport University, the first transport institute of higher education in Russia founded in 1809, tells about the current state of the Russian engineering education and the historical foundations of teaching of mathematical and natural-science disciplines.
    Keywords: Petersburg State Transport University, training of personnel, mathematical and natural-science disciplines.
  • Main Directions of Scientific-Practical Activity of the Tunnels and Underground Railways Subdepartment
  • UDC 378.09
    Aleksandr P. LEDYAEV
    The article describes the history of creation and main directions of research and practical activity of the "Tunnels and Underground Railways" Chair of Petersburg state transport university. It is told about scientific work of noted scientists, heads of the Chair in different years - A. N. Passek and Yu.A. Limanov.
    Key words: chair, tunnels, underground railways.
  • Finite Element Modeling of the Processes of Destruction of Elements of Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • UDC 539.3
    Andrey V. BENIN
    The article presents an analysis of approaches to the solution of tasks of deformation of reinforced concrete structures with due regard for nonlinear behavior of a concrete matrix using the finite element method. Possibility of usage of these methods in the engineering calculation practice is demonstrated on the example of tasks of elongation of a reinforcing bar and three-point bending of a reinforced concrete beam.
    Keywords: nonlinear models of concrete, microcracking of concrete, models of concrete damage, finite element modeling of reinforced concrete structures.
  • Investigation of Influence of Forepoling of Mine Roof and Working Face on Stability of Excavation Drawn Through the Proterozoic Clays of St. Petersburg by Mathematical Modeling
  • UDC 624.191.6
    Yury S. FROLOV, Tatiyana V. IVANES
    Results of design-theoretical studies conducted for the purpose of assessment of the influence rate of forepoling on stability of a large span excavation in Proterozoic clays of St. Petersburg are presented. The design-theoretical studies include the numerical analysis made using the finite element method in volumetric problem definition.
    Keywords: excavation, advance timbering, rated analysis, stability, forecast.
  • Evaluation of the Influence of Construction in a Security Zone of the Metro on Underground Structures
  • UDC 624.19.058.2
    Aleksandr N. KONKOV, Andrey V. BENIN,
    Vladimir N. KAVKAZSKY, Anatoly L. NOVIKOV

    Lack of free territories for building in St. Petersburg leads to the necessity of construction in the areas over the operating metro structures. Building in the security zone of the metro can seriously influence on the stressed-deformed state and operation reliability of underground structures. The article describes an example of the determination of influence of surface construction in the security zone of one of the stations of the Petersburg underground and the actual values of loads acting on the operating interstation tunnels of St. Petersburg Metro.
    Keywords: underground, influence, surface construction.
  • Features of Static Work of Lining and Built-in Structures of Single-Vault Stations of the St. Petersburg Underground in the Course of Long Operation
  • UDC 624.19.05
    Yury S. FROLOV, Aleksandr N. KONKOV, Dmitry V. KUNETS
    Layout solutions of built-in structures of single-vault stations of the St. Petersburg underground are described. Characteristics and the classification of defects arising during the long operation of built-in structures are presented. Field inspection and design-theoretical studies of the deformed state of built-in structures, caused by deformation of the lining of stations have been carried out. The principles and requirements that should be taken into account in the course of designing and operation of single-vault stations at the St. Petersburg underground are formulated on the basis of results of this work.
    Key words: single-vault station, defects and damages, field inspection, design-theoretical studies, requirements for designing and operation.
  • Design of Bridges for High-Speed Trunk Railways
  • UDC 624.21:625.1
    Vladimir N. SMIRNOV, Aleksandra I. PALTSEVA
    The use of the Eurocodes when designing the bridges for high-speed trunk railways in Russia is considered. Since the development of high-speed transport has been intensified in our country in recent years, the conclusion about the necessity of norms and standards improvement in the field of high-speed traffic on bridges is made.
    Keywords: high-speed trunk railways, bridges, Eurocodes.
  • Factors Affecting the Stresses in Continuous Welded Rails on Bridges of High-Speed Trunk Railways
  • UDC 624.21:625.1
    Vladimir N. SMIRNOV, Vitaly A. BESHLIU
    A description of factors determining the stressed-strained state of continuous welded rails on bridges of high-speed trunk railways is given. A conclusion about the need to take into account the interaction of all elements of the "bridge-continuous welded rail track" systems under mechanical and temperature impacts is made.
    Keywords: high-speed trunk railways, bridges, continuous welded rail track.
  • Safety Fences on Road Bridges
  • UDC 624.21.01/.09
    Svetlana A. VARACHEVA
    Up-to-date constructive decisions of safety fences on road bridges are considered; an assessment of the stressed state of the safety fence is made. The need for accounting the inclusion of safety fences into operation of spans is accentuated.
    Keywords: safety barrier, parapet, bridge, construction.
  • Complex Organization of Low-Rise Housing Development
  • UDC 711.435:321.9
    Possibilities of the complex organization of low-rise housing development are assessed. The main emphasis of the article is placed on the social, engineering and transport components of low-rise housing development. The procedure of mastering the complex of social, economic and legal measures aimed at introduction of a network of school buildings and their complexes in low-rise construction is offered.
    Keywords: low-rise housing development, complex organization.
  • Sights of the City of Sestroretsk
  • UDC 719:711.5:711.168:712.2.025
    Boris M. MATVEEV
    The article describes the territorial zones identified in the Sestroretsk architectural-landscape complex (the city of Sestroretsk is in a suburban zone of St. Petersburg) with signs of objects of cultural heritage, which in accordance with the current Russian legislation can be attributed to one of types of monuments - "attractions".
    Keywords: architectural-landscape complex, attractions, criteria for evaluation of cultural landscape, security zoning of territories.
  • Methodological Aspect of Preservation and Renovation of Architectural and Historical Environment of a Large City (on the example of the city of Samara)
  • UDC 719:72
    Tatiyana V. VAVILONSKAYA
    The article analysis the mutual influence of safeguard and town-planning documentation, indicates the need to preserve the integrity and originality of architectural-historical environment. The structure, composition and summary of works concerning the town-planning of historical areas of the large city are defined.
    Keywords: safeguard documentation, town-planning documentation, architectural-historical environment, code of identity, historical-typological principle of zoning, supporting, design and regulating parts of urban planning documentation.
  • Strategy of Formation of Ecological Framework in the Structure of Riverine Areas of a Large City (on the example of the city of Khabarovsk)
  • UDC 711.112:725.34]:502.1(571.620)
    Marina A. MATASHOVA
    The two-stage strategy of creating the ecological frame under conditions of Khabarovsk is formulated. Riverine areas of the large city considered from the position of realization of ecological reconstruction with organization of ecooases and ecocorridors are objects of this study.
    Keywords: ecological-urban planning optimization, city's riverine areas, ecooases, ecocorridors.
  • Free Vibrations of Double-Layer Non-Uniform Deep-Water Oil Pipelines Taking into Account the Elastic Foundation of Seabed
  • UDC 624.074.04
    Vladimir G. SOKOLOV
    A formula of movement of a deep-water oil pipeline with due regard for external hydrostatic pressure and elastic foundation of seabed has been obtained on the basis of the membrane theory of shells. An expression for square of frequency of free vibrations of a two-layer non-uniform cylindrical shell is also presented.
    Keywords: oil pipeline, free vibrations, soil, theory of thin shells.
  • Dowel Effect of Reinforcement Crossing the Contact Joint between Pre-Cast and Monolithic Concretes in the Course of Strengthening of a Compressed Element with a Clip
  • UDC 624.012.4:624.93
    Rustem F. FARDIEV
    An approach to the assessment of strength of dowel connection of pre-cast and monolithic concretes in the event if the elements compressed eccentrically are strengthened using the reinforced concrete clip is offered. Calculation expressions for determination of design resistance and deformability of a contact joint between a clip and an element strengthened are obtained.
    Keywords: strengthening, clip, dowel, contact joint, pre-cast concrete, monolithic concrete.
  • New Structural System of Buildings Made of Precast Spatial Reinforced Concrete Elements
  • UDC 624.012.3:693.5
    Arkady V. GRANOVSKY
    A new structural system of a building made of precast spatial reinforced concrete elements is presented. Experimental studies of strength and deformability of structures of the KZOB system have been conducted. This new system being simple at manufacturing and assembling makes it possible to solve the problem of demand for affordable quality housing.
    Keywords: spatial precast reinforced-concrete elements, structural systems of buildings.
  • Experimental Studies of Reinforced Concrete Beams with Shear Mesh Reinforcement of a Compressed Zone
  • UDC 691.328:624.072.2
    Dahi S. VANUS
    Results of the experimental study of reinforced concrete beams with shear mesh reinforcement of a compressed zone confirming that this constructive solution can be used for improvement of rigidity and crack-resistance of flexural beam elements and their bearing capacity are presented.
    Keywords: reinforced concrete beams with shear reinforcement, enhancement of bearing capacity, reduction in deformation, bending, and curvature.
  • Program-Venture Management of Development of Credit Consumer Cooperatives on Housing Market of St. Petersburg
  • UDC 338.984:332.85
    Valentin I. ARISTOV
    The necessity for solution of the housing problem using the program-venture management of the development of the credit consumer cooperatives is substantiated. A draft passport of the regional target program of credit consumer cooperatives development on the housing market of St. Petersburg in 2011-2013 is presented.
    Keywords: program-venture management, credit consumer cooperatives, housing market.
  • Technical and Economic Substantiation of Two-Component Grouting Mortar Composition Depending on Required Setting Time Behind the Tunnel Lining
  • UDC 691.535
    Sergey A. NEMKOV, Andrey I. ZAKORSHMENNY, Andrey M. VIKULIN
    Various issues of grouting behind the lining using the tunneling shield complexes are analyzed. The composition of two-component plugging mortar with regulated time of setting, strength and pumping has been developed and substantiated on the basis of technical requirements of the Mosmetrostroy.
    Keywords: underground construction; metro tunnels, tunnel-boring complexes, plugging mortar, injection behind tunnel lining; accelerator of setting.
  • Results of Studies of Effective Technologies for Ensuring the Safety of Buildings Located near the Sources of Vibration Impacts
  • UDC 624.131, 624.134, 624.138, 624.151
    Results of experimental studies of effective technologies of construction of building bases and foundations near the sources of vibration impacts are presented. Peculiarities of the deformation of soils during the vibration impacts are investigated. Technologies of the construction of artificial bases of buildings and measures for protection of buildings against influence of vibration impacts are offered.
    Keywords: building, soil, geology, vibration, safety.