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Contents of issue 2 (february) 2011

  • Football Stadium for 45000 Spectators in Kazan
  • UDC 725.826:796
    It is told about the project of the football stadium under construction, a main object of sports facilities for the XXVII Summer Universiade (functional-planning organization, transportation services, sports-technical zoning, architectural and constructive decisions, assurance of security, landscape organization). It will be a multifunctional complex for carrying out of football matches, festivals, concerts, performances, exhibitions.
    Keywords: the XXVII Summer Universiade, Kazan, football stadium, architectural-planning conception, engineering systems, constructive decision.
  • Actualization of Building Norms and Rules
  • UDC [69+725.4.011](083.75)
    Sergey M. GLIKIN
    Issues of the actualization of SNiPs "Industrial Buildings", "Storage Buildings", "Administrative and Accommodation Buildings", "Roofs", and "Floors" meeting the requirements of No 384 "Technical Regulations on Safety of Buildings and Structures" are considered. Additions introduced in the course of actualization and adjustment of the documents are listed.
    Key words: actualization, harmonization, safety of buildings and structures.
  • Actual Directions of Designing
  • UDC 725.381.3
    Tatiana P. LUNEVA
    Designing of garage-parking places for cars is a permanent direction of activity of OAO "TSNIIpromzdany". Tens of garage objects have been constructed in Moscow and Moscow Region according to the designs of the institute. In the course of development of designs of garages-parking places of various types the specialists of the institute solve successfully the complex town planning tasks transforming the merely utilitarian objects into full-blown, expressive or even accentual elements of the city's architectural environment.
    Key words: garage-parking place, object of urban development, architectural image, designing.
  • Features of Structural Conceptions of a Prefabricated-Demountable Variant of the Small Ice Arena for Ice Hockey at the Olympic Park of Sochi
  • UDC 624.943:725.826.053.3
    Nikolay G. KELASYEV
    It is told about construction of one of objects of the XXII Winter Olympic Games, the small ice arena for ice hockey for 7000 spectators (prefabricated-demountable variant). The basic constructive conceptions with due regard for seismicity of the area under construction and higher responsibility of the object are considered. The floor-by-floor structure of premises is presented.
    Keywords: the XXII Winter Olympic Games, small ice arena, prefabricated-demountable variant of ice arena.
  • Development of Interstate Standard of Modular Coordination in Construction
  • UDC 721.013:389.6(100)
    Victor V. GRANEV, Andrey A. KHARITONOV
    Harmonization of the international standards of modular coordination (DIN, ISO, ASTM, BS et. Al) with the domestic GOST 28984-91 has been carried out. A draft Interstate standard "Modular Coordination of Sizes in Construction. Basic Provisions" has been developed.
    Keywords: module, modular coordination, enlarged module (multi-module), fractional module (sub-module), proportion, profitability.
  • Projecting of Sections of Prefabricated Coverings for Increased Loads
  • UDC 624.073.7:69.025.223
    Emil N. KODYSH, Nikolay N. TREKIN, Igor K. NIKITIN
    Provisions for calculation and designing of prefabricated reinforced concrete coverings reinforced with a monolithic layer of reinforced concrete (concrete topping) are considered. Recommendations on the execution of strengthening works without special calculations are expounded.
    Keywords: prefabricated reinforced concrete coverings, reinforcement, reinforced concrete topping, reconstruction, design scheme, increased loads, continuous system, creeping, support moments.
  • Methods of Optimization of Heat Protective Properties of Enclosing Structures of Cold Store Buildings
  • UDC 725.355:699.86
    Andranik G. GINDOYAN, Kirill V. AVDEEV
    Methods of the determination of optimal resistances to heat transfer of enclosing structures of cold stores on the basis of the complex of structural, technical and economic factors stipulating their construction and operation have been developed. Two methods of optimization of heat-insulating properties are presented. In the first case, a criterion of efficiency of capital investments is a value of the index of profitability of discounted investments, in the second case, a minimum of lump-sum costs and operation costs.
    The tables of required resistances to heat transfer depending on the type of an enclosing structure and degree days of refrigerating period of air in chambers of a cold store have been compiled.
    Keywords: resistance to heat transfer, enclosing structures, cold store buildings.
  • Calculation of Structures on the Basis of Multilevel Discretization with the Use of Finite Elements
  • UDC 531.21:624.04
    Aleksandr N. MAMIN, Emil N. KODYSH
    Finite elements for additional discretization of a structure according to directions and components of deformation and also to variable rigid parameters within the limits of an element have been developed on the basis of the discrete-braced calculating model. This approach makes it possible to take into account the constructive features of structures and specificity of materials deformation without complication of a design scheme.
    Keywords: finite elements method, discrete-braced design scheme, rigid parameters, precision and convergence of calculations, accounting of complicating factors, matrix of finite element rigidity.
  • Anti-Crisis Centre in Caracas
  • UDC 725.18(8-6)
    Boris L. VALKIN
    It is told about architectural conceptions of the State Centre of Population Protection and Actions at Natural Disasters of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the city of Caracas implemented by OAO "TSNIIpromzdany". In accordance with the conception the structure of the Centre includes a situation hall, analytical departments, research subdivisions, training auditoriums, an electronic library, administrative premises, an air-raid shelter, a pool.
    Keywords: anti-crisis centre, architectural conception, space-planning arrangement.
  • About Rating System of Assessment of Buildings Quality in Russia
  • UDC 721.011.183:69:69.059.1(083.74)
    Yury A. TABUNSHCHIKOV, Viktor V. GRANEV, Aleksandr L. NAUMOV
    The article considers the principles of assessment of buildings as a human environment, "green buildings" meeting the requirements of comfort, power efficiency, ecological compatibility, ensuring the protection of human environment. The first version of a national model of the rating system of assessment of "green building" designs is offered.
    Keywords: environment, comfort, ecological compatibility, power efficiency, "green building", rating system.
  • Structures for Liquidation of Emergency Situations at the Sea Bottom
  • UDC 666.982:69.034.5(260)
    A deep-water structure, a cylindrical pre-stressed reinforced concrete reservoir capable to deliver to the sea bottom the material's components (disperse-reinforced concrete) necessary for construction of a containment-shelter over the well of an off-shore oil-extracting platform in the event of an emergency situation similar to the accident taken place in the Mexican Gulf in 2010 is considered.
    Keywords: accidents at oil-extracting platforms, well, deep-water structures, disperse-reinforced concrete, containment-shelter.
  • From Laboratory to Scientific-Technical Centre
  • UDC 69.001.5(476.7)
    Anatoly Ya. NAYCHUK
    It is told about the history of creation of the laboratory of experimental-theoretical investigations of TSNIIPromzdany in the city of Brest and about research works which made it possible to expand the sphere of application of glued timber structures in construction, to improve their reliability and safety, to create new structural forms and range.
    Keywords: timber structures, research, normative documents.
  • Block-Modular Formation of Enterprises of Complex Waste Processing
  • UDC 69.057.127:725.194:628..49
    Features of the formation of waste processing enterprises of modular type are revealed. Their functional and spatial arrangements are systematized and generalized; recommendations aimed at their enhancement are given.
    Keywords: waste processing, module, systematization, functional and spatial arrangement, architecture.
  • From Ecological and Green Construction to Ecological Safety of Construction
  • UDC 69.001.5:72(2):614.87
    Valery I. TELICHENKO
    Principal propositions of the ecological and green construction are considered. The position of green construction in the system of ensuring the ecological safety of construction is shown. Basic ideas of the methods of ecological construction are given. Aims of green construction and some examples of construction are presented. The standards of green construction in force are evaluated; the ways of its development are traced.
    Keywords: ecological construction, green construction, ecological safety of construction, stages of life cycle of a building object, material and energetic resources saving.
  • Unknown Area of Dynamic Deformation of Bearing Blocks of Off-Shore Stationary Platforms
  • UDC 531.31:69.034.5(260):699.842
    Vyacheslav A. SHEKHOVTSEV
    There is a review of investigations executed in the dynamic analysis of bearing blocks of off-shore stationary platforms. Two methods of the solution, a method of statistical linearization and a method of numerical simulation, are discussed. Existence of frequency ranges within the bounds of which the method of statistical linearization gives incorrect qualitative conclusions that is inadmissible at construction designing has been revealed.
    Keywords: off-shore stationary platforms, bearing blocks, deformation, dynamic analysis.
  • About Methodology and Actions for Decrease in Energy Consumption of Building Production
  • UDC
    Alexandr N. DMITRIEV, Olga V. KUZINA
    The design procedure of energy consumption of building production is developed. Actions for decrease in energy expenditure by the enterprises of the building materials industry and in the process of object building are offered.
    Keywords: methodology, actions, energy consumption, building production, the expense of energy resources.
  • Nature Investigations of Temperatures Daily Changing on External and Internal Surfaces of Building External Walls
  • UDC 697.112.3:697.132.3:536.2
    Erkin K. BORONBAEV
    The contactless measured temperatures on external surface of walls with external thermal insulation are dynamic and cause losses of utilized thermal heat of solar radiation and environment. For energy saving it is necessary to reduce these losses by increasing of heat conductivity and a mass thermal capacity of heat accumulative wall external layers on installing of thermostatic valves at heating radiators.
    Keywords: walls, temperature on surface, solar radiation, energy saving.
  • Nature Temperature Measuring: a South Facing Building Window as a Heat and Cold Source
  • UDC 697.112.3:697.132.3:536.2
    Erkin K. BORONBAEV
    Nature contactless temperature measuring on internal surface of south facing building window showed that such a window with three-layer glasses becomes in cloudless midday as a source for space heating. It provides energy saving and indoor thermal microclimate improving.
    Keywords: a window, surface temperature, solar radiation, indoor microclimate.
  • Navigator Project
  • UDC 004.691:699.8(083.75):721
    Alexey D. ZHUKOV, Ekaterina V. PUHOVA
    In July 2010 corporation "TechnoNICOL" developed innovation project for architects and engineers - interactive reference book of building systems "TechnoNICOL" - Navigator project. This development is based on knowledge, which was got from work with project organizations and on basis of building projects, partly made by our technical specialists.
    Keywords: heat insulation, constructions, waterproofing, roof, project work.
  • Results of Research in Efficiency of the Use of Jet Technology at the Construction Site of the Second Stage of the State Academic Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg
  • UDC 624.154:725.821:624.131.2
    Andrey V. CHERNYAKOV
    Issues of the construction of buildings' foundations under complex conditions were considered in the course of the research. Issues of the construction of artificial foundations using the jet technology have been studied. Results of the studies confirming the efficiency of the use of jet technology are presented.
    Keywords: soil, cement, water, pressure, strength, Jet technology.
  • Systems of Automated Designing of Building Production Processes with the Use of Interactive Internet-Portal
  • UDC 004:69.05
    Pavel V. ZAKHAROV, Elena S. SILUYANOVA, Aleksandr S. ZHEMIREV
    The use of Internet-technologies for realization of the Internet-portal in the field of construction and operation of anthropogenic objects makes it possible to realize new forms of the organization of scientific research and exchange of scientific and technical information. Methodological approaches to the automated designing of building production processes with the use of the interactive Internet-portal are presented.
    Key words: Internet-technology, information technologies and resources, data-processing system.
  • Simulation of Organizational and Technological Processes of Construction in Systems of Automated Designing
  • UDC
    Soslan K. DZIOEV, Vladimir V. KONNOV, Pavel V. ZAKHAROV
    In the course of designing of linearly-lengthy anthropogenic objects of fuel-energy complexes the problem of a choice of organizational and technological parameters of execution of construction and erection work under the conditions of marsh and watered land presents a great practical interest. The methodology of mathematic simulation of real systems is considered.
    Key words: computing experiment, imitation simulation, complex nature-and-climatic conditions, construction and erection work.