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DOI: 10.33622/0869-7019
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Contents of issue № 1 (january) 2011

  • The National Research University, Moscow State University of Civil Engineering: Tasks of the University are Tasks of the Branch
  • Valery I. Telichenko
  • Ways of Historical Industrial Enterprises Architectural Environment Development
  • UDC 72.035/.036:725.42:72.025.4
    Alexander V. SNITKO
    The article suggests the classification of historical industrial enterprises architectural complexes from the point of view of their architectural environment. Ways of its de-velopment in complexes of different types with respect of their historicT-architectural value are also suggested.
    Keywords: Architectural environment, historical industrial, enterprises, compositional structure, architectural solution.
  • Ways of Extension of Repairless Operation of External Walls of Residential Buildings Faced with Bricks
  • UDC 69.022.32:69.059.4
    Aleksey A. ANANIEV, Yuly Ts. GOKHBERG
    Results of the field surveys of external walls of residential buildings faved with bricks are presented. Constructive features of solid brick three-layered walls and walls with ventilated facades as well as the factors influencing on their durability are considered. A differentiated approach to selection of the type of face ceramic brick and stone for provision of extension of repairless operation of a facing layer is proposed.
    Keywords: external walls of residential buildings, ceramic brick, heat engineering properties, frost resistance, three-layered walls, ventilated facades.
  • Passportization of Housing Stock of Moscow as a Factor of Preservation and Safe Use of Housing and Urban Infrastructure
  • UDC 728.1.11:69.059.1
    Svetlana S. BACHURINA, Eleonora A. SMIRNOVA,

    Normative-technical support of the passportization of living accommodations is considered. The data containing the complete information about the living accomodation are included in the passport of a flat on the basis of monitoring during the whole period of construction. The electronic system of the database of objects of passportization has been developed to use in different cases (expert evaluation of an object built, revelation of deviations from the design, emergency situations, insurance et al.)
    Keywords: passportization of living accommodation, normative-technical, consumer and economic characteristics, sanitary-ecological norms, accounting and registration data, safe use of objects.
  • Information System of Multi-Aspect Usage for Buildings and Facilities with Large-Span Structures
  • UDC 624.07:69.059.1:62-523.8
    Vladimir M. DOROFEEV, Dmitry A. LYSOV
    The information system ensuring the high technological level of service of the specialists working in the field of designing, research works and use of buildings and facilities with large-span structures is suggested for storage and effective use of information about operating conditions of an object. It is possible to automate the process of extraction of information from the databank with the help of a model in the form of an oriented graph characterizing the total logical organization of information arrays and their relations.
    Keywords: information system, operating conditions of object, safe maintenance of facilities, large span structures.
  • Low Frequency Gauge of Dynamic influence for Monitoring of Conditions of Bearing Structures of Buildings and Facilities
  • UDC 624.07:62-523.8
    Vladimir M. DOROFEEV, Vadim G. KATRENKO, Evgeniya A. CHILIBIEVA
    An instrument, a digital acceleration gage ensuring the measurement and registration of acceleration of soil and object vibrations over the wide range of frequencies and acceleration amplitudes, has been developed. It is intended for application in the automated multidot systems of monitoring of building objects, and also as an independent engineering-seismometric station.
    Keywords: high rise buildings and structures, monitoring of operating conditions, large- span structures, seismic influence, gauge, seismometric observations, software.
  • Instruction for Development of Technical Conceptions of Underground Structures Usage in Moscow with due Regard for Their Functional Purpose
  • UDC
    Vladimir A. TRUSHKOV
    In 2010 the State Unitary Enterprise MNIITEP developed the instruction for development of technical conceptions of underground structures usage with due regard for their functional purpose. Interpretations and commentaries on propositions of this document are given. Components of the uninterrupted operation of underground structures are considered.
    Keywords: instruction, underground and earth-sheltered structures, development of underground space, models of dangers, engineering solutions, monitoring, usage of engineering systems.
  • The Investment Policy of Large Cities within a Context of the General Trends of Economic Development
  • UDC 332.142:711.433/.438
    The problem of a choice of an investment policy of cities under the conditions of industrial and postindustrial development is considered. It is shown, that the choice of directions and objects of investment depends sufficiently on natural competitive positions of cities and a vector of their development. The preservation of investment policy developed in the course of industrialization and typical for industrial cities leads to retardation of their economic development and exhaustion of resources. As a compromise investment policy it is proposed to develop urban agglomerations and structure of investment objects corresponding to it.
    Keywords: city, municipality, investments, investment policy, agglomeration, industrial development, postindustrial type of development, trend of development.
  • Engineering Technique of Design of Bent and Compressed Tube-Reinforced Concrete Bars of Permanent Offshore Platforms
  • UDC 531.31:62-752:624.157
    Vyacheslav A. SHEKHOVTSOV
    An engineering method of design of tube-reinforced elements of permanent offshore platforms is offered. A wave character of impact on the platform, influence of amplitude of oscillations and wavelength are taken into account. The presented method makes it possible to set operatively the cross-sectional dimensions of elements.
    Keywords: tube-reinforced concrete elements, permanent offshore platforms, selection of cross-section of tube-reinforced concrete.
  • Construction and Demolition Waste of Moscow
  • UDC 69.059.643
    Igor A. SOLOMIN
    Classification of building waste is resulted. On the basis of the lead statistical calculations norms of formation of construction and demolition waste (C&D) and a percentage parity of element structure of waste for various building objects are certain. Volumes of formation C&D on building objects of city, and also volumes of secondary material resources in structure of C&D are certain.
    Keywords: construction and demolition waste, element structure, secondary material resources, norms and volumes of formation.
  • Influence of Velocities of Working Medium in Pipeline Networks on Power Efficiency of Engineering Systems of a Building
  • UDC 628.81/.83.003.1
    Aleksandr L. NAUMOV, Olga S. SUD'INA
    An analysis of power consumption for transportation of working medium in pipelines makes it possible to define the optimal values of velocities. The sizes of linear runs of pipelines and air ducts are fixed for optimal velocities. Economic indexes are the basic criteria of energy efficiency of pipeline network of a building.
    Keywords: heating system, ventilation system, energy consumption, energy efficiency, reduced cost.
  • Application of the ANSYS CFX Program for Determination of Coefficients of Head Resistance of High-Rise Structures
  • UDC 624.042.41:721.011.27
    Vladimir A. MELESHKO
    The use of turbulence models is analyzed at different regimes of an air current, comparison of results of calculation with experimental data is made. The application of the ANSYS CFX program makes it possible to calculate accurately enough a coefficient of head resistance for high-rise structures that will essentially reduce the volume of tests in a wind tunnel ensuring the considerable economic effect.
    Keywords: coefficient of head resistance, flow around the infinite cylinder, program ANSYS CFX.
  • Subjective Assessment of Light Environment in Working Premises of Small Auto Repair Shops for Climatic Conditions of the North Caucasus
  • UDC 628.922.:725.38(479)
    Sergey V. STETSKY, Sergey A. PORUBLEV
    Issues of the subjective assessment of the light environment at small enterprises are considered. Natural studies were conducted within the limits of a large-scale experiment on improvement of the light environment in working premises at system of side natural illumination. The influence of sun-protection and light-redistribution devices on internal natural illumination was assessed in the course of the experiment.
    Keywords: subjective expert assessment, natural illumination, sun-protection elements, light-redistribution elements.
  • Measures of Engineering Protection against Dangerous Manifestations of Engineering- Geological Processes of New Urban Territories
  • UDC 699.8:624.131.1(-21)
    Nikolay L. SHESHENYA
    Appearence and development of engineering-geological processes increases the cost of construction. For example, the appearance of thechnogeneous landslide increase the costs by 5-100 % from the original project cost. Under the conditions of ravine formation the cost increases by 10-20 %, under conditions of waterlogging - by 0,2-2 %. In some cities that are built in the permafrost area the quantity of deformed constructions reach up to 50-100 %, in the area of loessial ground - 55-75 %, in the swelling clay area - 45 %, in the saline soil area - 80 %.
    Keywords: nature processes, technogenic processes, engineering protection, risks, buildings deformation, monitoring systems.
  • Analysis of Destruction of a Steel Axle of Large Diameter - a Detail of a Hanger of a Covering of an Important Structure
  • UDC 69.024.5:624.014.27
    Pavel D. ODESSKY, Mikhail I. EGOROV,
    Georgy A. FILIPPOV, Vladimir Yu. KULIK,
    Aleksandr I. GNEVKO, Nataliya D. BAKHTEEVA

    Reasons for the destruction of an axle, a detail of a covering of the Covered Skating Centre in Krylatskoe (Moscow) have been analyzed; hydrogen mechanism of delayed brittle failure has been established. Proposals aimed at prevention of formation of defects resulting in brittle failure of such axles have been developed.
    Keywords: mechanical properties, crack resistance, delayed failure, microstructure, fine structure, fractography, flakes, microstresses, non-metallic inclusions.
  • Reduction of Influence of Settlement of a Building under Construction on Structures Hereabouts in the Course of Construction of Pile Foundations
  • UDC 699.84:624.154
    Vyacheslav G. SHERBA, Mihail A. LUNYAKOV
    Issues of the construction of pile foundations near the existing buildings are considered. The extent of influence of vibration impact due to piles driving on the buildings hereabouts is determined. Methods of reduction of vibration impacts on buildings are offered.
    Keywords: soil, pile, technology, hole, building's settlement.
  • Models of Complex Monitoring of Power Efficiency of Buildings and Structures in CAD of Construction Objects
  • UDC 6721/728.004.18:62-529
    Denis Yu. VIKULIN, Nataliya N. TEODOROVICH
    Results of the study of a model of complex monitoring of power efficiency of construction objects reveal possibilities of the detection of system changes in functioning of buildings and structures. The complex monitoring realized with the equipment of "an intellectual building" becomes an effective means of the analysis and formation of power efficiency of buildings and structures.
    Keywords: complex monitoring, simulation, power efficiency, CAD of construction objects.