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Contents of issue 11 (november) 2010

  • Architecture and Innovations
  • UDC 711 (4/9)
    Vladimir I. TRAVUSH
    The paper deals with the main trends in the innovation adoption in tr architecture, urban planning (including spatial planning), building activitii construction, unification of public buildings, construction materials and st It defines the contribution of RAACS to the scientific researches on pov safety, preservation of water resources, civil engineering infrastructure typology of residential and public buildings, elaboration of technical re standards in planning and construction.
    Key words: innovations, environment, research, infrastructure, housing, structural design, power.
  • Self-regulatory organization, non-commercial partnership rendering assistance to engineering-surveying branch The Association of Engineering Surveying in Construction
  • Phenomenon of Mother and Daughter Karst Holes and its Danger to Industrial and Civil Construction
  • UDC 556.332.46:699.8
    Victor P. KHOMENKO
    Rare but dangerous effect of almost simultaneous formation of the sinkhole's group is considered in the paper. The biggest sinkhole of the group gives rise to other one or several more small sinkholes and corresponding example is described. The conceptual model of this peculiar process and its limiting conditions are given.
    Key words: karst, sinkhole, danger.
  • Basic Natural and Technical-Natural Processes of High Damage in Territory of the Moscow Region
  • UDC 624.131.1(470.311)
    Nikolay L. SHESHENYA,
    Sergey V. KOZLOVSKY
    Within the Moscow region the greatest threat to safe use of buildings and structures are the processes of underflooding, landslides and karst-suffosion. Among 77 cities of the Moscow region 74 % of cities run the danger of underfloofing, 35 % - danger of landslides and 48 % - danger of karst-suffosion processes.
    Great problem bring the processes of biochemical contamination of surface and groundwater, soil, ground in the zone of solid waste.
    Key words: landslips, karst, suffosion, flooding, a firm household waste.
  • Engineering-Geocryoligical Problems of Construction of Automobile and Railway Roads on the Yamal Peninsula
  • UDC 624.139:625
    Vladimir P. CHERNYADEV,
    Inga I. SHAMANOVA,
    Alexandr V. MAKSIMOV
    The article analyzes the characteristics of engineering and permafrost conditions and the monitoring materials of road and railway construction on Yamal peninsula. Specified the reasons of appearance of hazardous engineering and permafrost processes that that affect the stability of the roadbed. The basic requirements for the design development and technology of construction are also defined.
    Key words: Yamal peninsula, construction problems, roads and railways, hazardous processes, monitoring, embankment structure.
  • Peculiarities of Hydrometeorological Calculations for Building Designing in the Western Siberia
  • UDC [556.04:556.12:556.16](571.1)
    Vladimir A. LOBANOV,
    Sergey P. ZADOROZHNY,
    Anton Eu. SHADURSKY,
    Nikolay V. MOLDOVAN
    The features of the computations of the maximum runoff in western Siberia have been considered, associated with the projected significant warming and sparse hydrological network. Result of impact of climate change is considered for time series of monthly air temperature and precipitation as well as maximum daily precipitation in the northern Western Siberia. On the basis of statistical criteria for assessing the homogeneity and stationarity, we show that the time series of air temperatures are almost stationary except for the temperature of March. Time series of precipitation were nonstationary in the cold months of the year, but this unsteadiness has step-like and is due to the replacement recording devices in 1960s. Spatial and temporal regular properties of precipitation have been obtained. At the observation sites the computations of 1 %th modulus of maximum runoff have been fulfilled, including the assessment of homogeneity, stationarity and under increasing of short-term series to long period. As a result, the regional regression models for computation of 1 %th modulus of maximum runoff on the basis of hydrographic factors and precipitation have been developed for the area under consideration. Assessment of the efficiency has been realized for the obtained regional models.
    Key words: computations of river runoff, spatial modeling, interpolation, hydrologic analogy, regional dependences.
  • Peculiarities of Anthropogenic Transformation of the Rock Strata of Everfrozen State in Cities of the Yenisei North
  • UDC 624.139(571.51*1-17)
    Oleg A. KAZANSKY,
    Nikita I. TANANAEV
    Overview is made for the specifics of permafrost layer patterns and thermic regime within the Northern Enisey region. Given the cities of Noril'sk and Igarka as examples, impact of technogenic cryolithogenesis on safe exploitation of building foundations is reviewed. We also examine typical violations of state building regulations during design and construction works on high-temperature, highly iced permafrost grounds.
    Key words: permafrost layer, thermic regime, design, construction, column pile, deformation, soil swelling.
  • Problems of Stability of Underground Services in Permafrost Soils
  • UDC 624.139.2:625.78
    Sergey N. TITKOV,
    Valery I. GREBENETS,
    Aligoushad G-o. KERIMOV
    Methods of engineering communications underground laying in cities and settlements of the permafrost zone as well as dangerous cryogenic processes threatening the stability of buildings and constructions are considered. Measures for upgrading the reliability of underground collectors construction and operating in frozen ground are proposed.
    Key words: permafrost zone, underground collectors, thawing of frozen bases, deformations, effective methods of construction.
  • An Analysis of Dependency of Characteristics of Physical Properties of Soils
  • UDC 624.131.43:51
    Georgy P. KUZMIN
    This study presents an analysis of the relationships among soil physical index properties. It is demonstrated that gas content, porosity and total water capacity of soils can be predicted from density and moisture content.
    Key words: frozen and unfrozen soils, physical index properties, prediction, gas content, porosity, total water capacity.
  • An Approach to Assessment of Investment Projects for Development of a Territory Using the Theory of Fuzzy Sets
  • UDC 51-74
    Valery V. KIRAKOVSKY,
    Aleksandr N. KOROTAEV
    The article presents a new way to estimate investment projects for site coverage by means of fuzzy-set theory. Within the framework of this approach we will divide investment projects into clusters and estimate them.
    Key words: investment project, clusterization, artificial immune system, Saaty scale.
  • Perspective Methods of Execution of Designing and Building and Assembly Jobs Using the Large-Volume Blocks of up to 300 tons under the Conditions of the Russian North
  • UDC 69.056.56:69.057.4:69(211)
    Nikolay N. BARANOV
    Summarizes the experience of designing and building Myldzhinskoye gas condensate field in the north of the Tomsk region, using floating-mobile blocks large volume. Made description of technology of transportation and installation of floating-mobile blocks large volume. Construction time is reduced by 2-2,5 times, the average construction cost is reduced by 10 % as a result of the project. This allows to effectively use the results to project and construction of oil and gas facilities in extreme climatic conditions of northern Russia.
    Key words: floating-mobile blocks large volume, mount technology, projecting objects for oil and gas industry.
  • Realization of the System of Continuous Diagnostic and Monitoring of Overbridges at a Section of High-Speed Train Operation
  • UDC 624.21.002.56
    Kiril Yu. DOLINSKY,
    Andrey A. LYKOV,
    Vadim B. SOKOLOV,
    Valery A. SOKOLOV,
    Herman V. OSADCHY
    At sites of high-speed train traffic, control of overpasses at the intersections of railroads and highways is a challenge. Existing monitoring systems do not provide information in real time on the state of the overpass, and proactively identify its state of failure. The article presents a framework for Systems of continuous diagnosis and monitoring of the overpasses designed by "Mostovoye buro". Produced by the description of levels of the system.
    Key words: high speed traffic, safety, state of failure, diagnosis, monitoring, cross-over, video surveillance, sensors, hub.
  • Problems of Insurance of Objects against Emergency Situations of Natural Character (on the Example of Earthquakes)
  • UDC 550.34:368.1
    Mikhail S. DERGACHEV,
    Insurance disaster is known for long and some countries are successful in it. But in Russia this kind of experience isn't used. Funding for the rehabilitation of the disaster stands out from the state budget. This spending is unscheduled because we can't predict an earthquakes or a flood. The main objective of insurance is to help people to overcome their unwillingness of spending money for the insurance and to show its effectiveness as a preventive measure.
    Key words: natural hazards, earthquakes, insurance, risk analysis.
  • Evaluation of Territory Complexity Category for Engineering Survey by Natural and Ecological Characteristics
  • UDC 624.131.1:614.7
    Irina V. LANTSOVA,
    Victor P. SALTANKIN
    Volumes and kinds of engineering-ecological researches are substantially defined by natural features of territory, and also its ecological condition. Territories with a high category of complexity for carrying out of researches, as a rule, demand more detailed research and considerable material and time expenses. Besides it, in many regions the tendency to deterioration of ecological conditions is traced. And the situation develops in such a manner that the vital components of environment become unsafe for health of people. In article the basic methodical approaches of an estimation of a category of complexity and ecological safety of territories for engineering researches are considered.
    Key words: ecological safety, ecological risks, environment components.
  • Implementation of B.G. Korenevs Ideas in the Field of Equipping of High-Rise Structures with Dynamic Oscillation Dampers
  • UDC 624.042.41:69.032.22
    Boris V. OSTROUMOV,
    Valentina I. KARAKOZOVA,
    Anastasiya I. KARAKOZOVA
    Research of problems of damping the fluctuations of the high-rise constructions under the wind influence. A historical sketch, constructive decisions, the theory and calculation examples.
    Key words: wind influence, fluctuations, frequency of fluctuations, a quencher of fluctuations, a damper, an aerodynamic instability.
  • Method of Continuation of Solution by Parameter in Static and Dynamic Problems Formulated as a Cauchy Problem
  • UDC 624.04
    Sergey I. TRUSHIN
    The method of static and dynamic analysis of structures, formulated as Cauchy problem, is considered. The effective numerical algorithm for the solution of Cauchy problem with the help of the continuation method and Runge-Kutta procedure is presented.
    Key words: continuation method, Cauchy problem, static analysis, dynamic analysis.
  • About Calculation of Composite Plates on a Winnkler Elastic Foundation
  • UDC 624.04
    Vladimir V. FILATOV
    This article describes application of the composite bar and plate theory developed by A.R. Rzhanitsyn for calculating composite plates on a Winkler elastic foundations. Difference form of SUPROX method (SAM) is used to generate some numerical algorithm. The calculation of composite plate on elastic fondations illustrates a simple and fast-convergence solution.
    Key words: composite plates, Rzhanitsyn's theory, a method of successive approximations, elastic foundations.
  • Definition of Design Values of Snow Loadings for a Tank Dome
  • UDC 624.042.42:624.074.7
    Vladimir L. MONDRUS,
    Stanislav A. PAVLOV
    The question of destination of design value of snow loads for the specific problem was considered. In the solution were analyzed different methods for the detection of design value of the weight of snow cover. Direct comparison of methods indicated, that the design value of snow loads, determined by Russian Standards is imperfect even for the design of the oil reservoirs cupola. That's why it was suggested to increase the design value of snow loads form 1,8 to 2 kPa.
    Key words: design value of snow load, weight of snow cover, safety factor for actions, a Gumbel distribution, snow load shape coefficient.
  • Calculation of Multistory Buildings of Periodic Structure on Dynamic Influence
  • UDC 69.032.2:624.042.8
    Vladimir L. MONDRUS,
    Stanislav N. SHUTOVSKY
    The way of analysis of buildings of periodic (regular) structure on dynamic influences, in particular on basis oscillation is resulted. Formulas for reception of modal frequencies and forms of such model, and also for calculation on the compelled fluctuations are resulted. As a analysis example modal frequencies and forms building model and the form of the compelled fluctuations are received at basis moving under the harmonious law.
    Key words: periodic, model, analysis, oscillation.
  • Optimal Designing of Crossed Beam Ceilings under the Conditions of Low Building Height
  • UDC 624.014.046
    Nikolay N. DEMIDOV,
    Irina N. MELIKOVA
    The article analyzes the spatial work of orthogonal cross beams on the square in terms of reduced building heights. The approximate analytical dependence flow began in responding to the first and second limiting states. The specified task is regarded as a problem of nonlinear programming.
    Key words: building height, consumption of steel, cross beams, the objective function, constraints of the objective function, optimal solution.
  • About Development and Creation of Safe Technology of Construction of High-Rise Monolithic Buildings and Structures of Complex Architectural Form
  • UDC 624.01/.05:624.07
    Nikolay I. SENIN,
    Pavel A. AKIMOV,
    Vladimir V. KOTELNIKOV,
    Dmitry A. KOROTKY
    A safe technology of construction of high-rise monolithic buildings and structures of a complex architectural form developed by the authors of this article is considered. A brief characteristic of basic elements of the authors' development - proper discrete- continual methods of calculation of building objects of a regular structure, methods of heat control of metal structures of tower cranes et al. - is formed.
    Key words: high-rise cast-in-place buildings, designing, construction, operation, structural analysis, mechanization, automation, monitoring.
  • Peculiarities of Numerical Computation of Structures Made of Thin-Walled Rods of Open Section
  • UDC 624.042
    Alexandr R. TUSNIN
    In article questions of numerical calculation of spatial metal designs from thin-walled bars of an open profile are considered. Possibility of use of computer complexes NASTRAN and ANSYS in which structure the rod thin-walled final elements considering constrained torsion are included is analyzed.
    Key words: the Final element, numerical calculation, the thin-walled bars, the constrained torsion, deplanation, sectorial stresses.
  • Experimental Studies of Operation of Multiscrew Joints of Lightweight Steel Thin-Walled Structures
  • UDC 624.078.4:624.014.2
    Ivan G. KATRANOV
    The comparison of results of tests of multiscrew joints of lightweight steel thin-walled structures is presented. Recommendations on designing and calculation of these joints are proposed. A conclusion about reasonability of introduction of different coefficients of operation for single-screw and multiscrew joints owing to irregular engaging of fastening elements of a joint in operation is drawn.
    Key words: light gauge steel framing, LGSF, self-drilling and self-tapping screws, tests, connection.
  • About Reliability of Mass-Construction Structures
  • UDC 624.042:624.046.5:624.9:519.2
    Andrey I. DOLGANOV
    This paper proposes a concept for evaluating the reliability of buildings and constructions of mass construction. Provides the rationale for reliability for different project sites. Proposed gradation reliability objects according to their responsibilities and importance.
    Needed further study to design loads, including emergency and safety factors. In the present state of issue of the reliability of building constructions, buildings and structures in the design should be making probabilistic calculations.
    To take only one power reliability factor - the bend. Transverse strength, strength of jacking, etc. factors are provided in a constructive manner.
    Key words: reliability, durability, technical system, statistical tests, limit state.
  • Studies of Operation of a Rod-Guy Garland
  • UDC 624.072.32
    Igor K. DMITRIEV
    An analytic method of calculation of a rod-guy arched garland is considered. A critical force of stability loss and a step of loading are calculated to carry out experiments with models of glued and rod-guy arches. Results of experiments make it possible to define a more stable arch and select a required quantity of spacers fastening the rod-guy arch from the plane.
    Key words: wooden-metall arch garland, non-linear calculation, critical force.
  • Definition of a Critical Compressive Load of Elastic Thin Plates Using the Method of Initial Functions
  • UDC 624.04:624.073
    Michail G. VANYUSHENKOV,
    Andrey Yu. USHAKOV
    The stability problems of thin elastic plates, compressed in one and two directions uniformly distributed loads of T1 and T2. The analytical decision is received by a method of the initial functions which own functions precisely satisfy to homogeneous boundary conditions on two opposite sides of a plate.For a finding of any constants the parity of the generalized orthogonality of own functions received by authors is used. The cases when the coefficients can be found exactly and approximately homogeneous system of algebraic equations. Examples of calculation of plates with different conditions of fixing of the parties.
    Key words: method of initial functions, elastic thin plates, the stability of the characteristic equation, the method forces, the displacement method, the ratio of the generalized orthogonality.
  • On the Calculation of Eccentrically Compressed Elements with Small Eccentricities Made of High-Strength Steel Fibrous Concrete
  • UDC 624.012.45:691.328
    Valery I. MOROZOV,
    Aleksey O. KHEGAY
    A method of calculation of compressed steel fibrous concrete elements reinforced with high-strength reinforcement is offered. The comparison with experimental data is made. The deviation of a design breaking load from the experimental does not exceed 20 %.
    Key words: steel fibrous concrete, experiment, estimate building construction.
  • Selection of a Rational Complex of Building Machines for Execution of Rehabilitation Works
  • UDC 69.002.51:69.059.25
    Boris F. SHIRSHIKOV,
    Valery V. AKULICH
    We propose a modern and mobile construction equipment to perform the restoration work (RW). Described: conditions that affect the choice of rational complex construction machines at RW, a factor considered by the constraint and its effect on the performance of machines. And the same article provides integrated scheme for the choice of rational complex construction machines, which allow you to select the desired set of machines to perform work under special conditions.
    Key words: Restoration work, mobile building techniques, constraint factor, set of construction machinery, rational choice.
  • Complex Monitoring of Buildings and Structures for Ensuring Their Power Efficiency
  • UDC [696.4+696.6+697].004.18
    Denis Yu. VIKULIN,
    Andrey I. MOKHOV
    Result of research of norms of the Federal law "About power savings and about increase of power efficiency..." has revealed possibility of realization of requirements to power audit of buildings, constructions by application of complex monitoring of building objects with technology use "an intellectual building" definitions of system changes in functioning of a building, a construction. Complex monitoring becomes effective means of the analysis and function formation power efficiency buildings, constructions for increase of their power efficiency.
    Key words: intellectual monitoring, operational quality, quality diagnostics, CAD's objects of buildingt.